Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today It's All About Ben...

Prior to my blogging days my children would RUN when I would get my camera out. If they weren't able to get away fast enough I would hear grumbling and complaining about why I take SO many pictures. They funny thing is how much they love to look at the pictures. I remind them that this is my way of making and keeping memories and that one day they WILL appreciate the boxes and albums of pictures we have. 

Since I've been blogging, I'm on the look out for anything else I can take a picture of. I hear, "Why are you always taking pictures of food and stuff in the house?" Or the famous question, "Is that going on your blog?"

My most favorite subjects are my children, they always will be. As a result of a conversation I had with Ben and about what I'm NOT showing many pictures of (that would be him), I promised I would do a post in honor of him.

So, this is all about Ben...

Ben is 10 1/2 years old and our youngest child. This year he will be in the 5th grade. Ben is an encourager, and has a great sense of humor. He is smart, creative, serious about his passions, sensitive, witty, and knows how to make you laugh. He is dependable and a hard worker, well, as long as there is fun involved. Ben is ALL about the fun.  Ben loves to stay up late and doesn't like mornings at all!  

Here are some pictures of Ben. By the way, I'm letting Ben come up with the comments for these pictures.

I swam for the swim team of the pool we belong too. I never got anything lower than 2nd place. I swam 25 meters backstroke, 25 m freestyle, and the 50 m freestyle and I loved it and I'm going to do it for a long time.

When we were at Sunset Beach, Sam and I got fake tats that lasted a very, very long time. They looked real. The store we went to get the tattoos was in Myrtle Beach.  I look fly in barbwire. FYI... fly means cool.

I love corvettes. They are my favorite car. When I grow up I want a '67 Stingray Corvette that is white with blue racing stripes. 

My mom just HAD to put this picture on.  I got Big Bird when I was one and he looks very well loved. My Uncle Mike calls him a chicken because he sort of looks like one. 

I snuck these Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing pretzels into the shopping cart when I was with my mom. I ate these in two days. They are delish! I love spicy foods. These aren't on the top of my list though. The #1 hottest thing I've ever had is my Paw Paw's Rattlesnake Bite Hot Sauce. It has habanero peppers in it.

This is Charlie, my Aunt Say Say's dog. You can go to her blog Nesting In Pleasant View.  I love him very, very much. When I was there I played with him all the time. Charlie just got a haircut so that's why he looks like this. FYI... he looks way better furry. I call him "Chuck".

At Sunset Beach, I bought a skim board. You throw it in like the 1" deep water, then you run and catch up to it, jump on, and just go. I can to a 360 turn without falling, unlike some people in my family (dad). My Dad hurt his wrist from falling off and it still hurts him today.

My Uncle Mike is a Cubbies fan so I am too!

A couple of things I love to do are...


And play the guitar.

We are proud of you Ben and love you very much. Thank you for the blessing you are to our family!


  1. So cute!! His comments were making me laugh! I loved it when he said, "fly"!! Ha!

    I got that Home frame at Hobby Lobby.

    I think cream would look great on the urns!

  2. Who knew all this about Ben! What a talented and athletic young man who obviously gets a lot of his talents from both mom and dad! I do wonder, though, can Ben sing?


  3. Ben is precious (though he might not appreciate that...maybe he is fly). He has such a sincere smile. I really enjoyed reading about him! :)

  4. Such a sweet post. Ben sounds like such a "fly" guy. Maybe we can hook him up with Little Ann someday. She hates mornings too! ha.

  5. Ben is LOVING all these FLY comments!!!

  6. Ben Ben...I love you very much! Uncle Mike and I think you are FLY!

  7. I am SO pleased, and BLESSED to meet Ben! It's clear what a blessing he is to your family!!

    I see a lot of talent there too! Good for you Ben.

  8. Well, it's awfully nice to meet you, Ben. I'm Katie, and it sounds like you have some great talents! I would totally bite it if I tried one of those skim boards...haha! It would not be cute... I love those Snyder's buffalo pretzels, and I *LOVE* HOT SAUCE, too! Where can I get my hands on some of that sauce? I've never seen it before. I love my hot sauce on pizza...mmmm! Y'all have a great day!!

  9. Ben is adorable ... um, I mean, he is so fly!

    (My daughter is 11 1/2, and she would be highly embarrassed at my "lame" attempt to be cool!)

    Ben's name is also rich with Biblical significance. I know he is a blessing to your family!

  10. I love how you posted "his" comments about "his" pictures!! He is definitely "fly"!! Great post and glad to meet you Ben!

  11. You're son's so cute. :) I love that he commented on each picture!

  12. Christy,

    This is just so cute! I love how
    you had your son put his own comments in, and I got a kick out of reading them. Especially how proud he seemed about his swim team one. That is great!

    Thanks for your sweet comments today, and for putting my blog on your site. I really appreciate it!

  13. Our son is the same age...he will be 11 in Nov. I can't believe he will be in 5th grade. Your guy is sooo cute....loved what he had to say about himself. I love taking pics of my fam as well and scrapbooking. cherry

  14. Oh Ben:) I can hear him saying everything that went along with the comments for the pics:)

  15. Papa and I are going to have to make another trip to Jungle Jim's for some more Paw Paw's Sauce! How about a gallong for your birthday? We love you!


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