Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today Steve and I are celebrating our anniversary. These are the lyrics of a song he sang to me the day we were married.

As ocean waves are to the shore
As gentle rains to the sea
As starlight on the waters
So you are to me

We shall scale the mountains
Conquer the valleys too
Come wind, come rain, come Jesus
His love will see us through
Master Weaver, use as well
Two lives You weave as one
Oh, make of us a tapestry
In which Your beauty runs
In which Your beauty runs

Today you rose to greet me
As the daylight awoke the dawn
Our love is just beginning
But shall go on and on

As I look over these words to this song that he sang so sweetly to me, I praise the One who brought us together. God has proven to be faithful to us, to be our Provider, and we have given ourselves and our marriage to Him . There certainly have been the times of scaling the mountains. He did come and He saw us through and gave us a firm place to stand . We have conquered the valleys and we have come to the other side with a deeper trust and knowing that no matter what, we can believe in Him. God's love has seen us through and will continue to. We are two lives He has woven together as one. I love you Steve, Happy Anniversary!


  1. What a wonderful memory! What amazing lyrics. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

    Those lyrics are beautiful; thanks for sharing them.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love to you both!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Cute pic and great song!

  5. Those are beautiful lyrics. Happy anniversary!

  6. HAPPY...HAPPY...HAPPY...Anniversary to you!!!

    What a SWEET song my friend.

    Enjoy your special day.


  7. Happy Anniversary. You make a cute couple.


  8. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great weekend and precious memories were made.

  9. Christy,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog; I'm so glad you did because that led me to yours!

    I was blessed by your posts and look forward to reading more. :-)

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary Christy and Steve! You look so gorgeous together! Hope it was special for you both. Thanks for sharing with us. xxoo


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