Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So This Is Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving means a couple things in our family. The first being, the best turkey sandwiches made with Pepperidge Farm bread, lots of Hellman's mayonnaise, and cranberry sauce. Yum! The second thing is that it is the day in which we head out and find our Christmas tree. 

We found a great tree farm called Fish River Tree Farm in Summerdale, Alabama. Like every other year, we walked the entirety of the farm to find just the perfect tree. It was the most beautiful day with the temperatures in the 70's. The only thing missing was our daughter, Jessica who will be flying in from Australia tomorrow!

With so many Southern Longleaf Pines around here, pine cones are in abundance. I must say, they are my new favorite thing and I have them scattered throughout the house.

My latest and easiest project has been the chalkboard that sits upon the buffet in our dining room. When I saw Lemonade Makin' Mama's, I knew I had to make one just the same.

The ornaments have been hung on the tree, each one representing something significant of that year.

The stockings are hanging from the mantle and come Christmas morning, will be filled with little gifts and special treats.

So, this is Christmas in our new home and I can't wait for the memories that will be made here this year. 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh, how I have missed writing here. My days have been busy and full of things that are bringing me so much joy. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can just be. Even in the busyness, I have time. I don't feel as if I'm being pulled in different directions or that our schedule is completely controlling us. My perspective and knowledge of time has changed and that in itself, has been a gift. 

So much of these last few months have been everything about "next steps".  Settling into our new home, new church, and new community has been nothing short of an exciting adventure. From day one, we all felt we were home. The transition was easy and we clearly and powerfully saw God's hand of provision upon every single detail. 

As I am resting in and enjoying all the next steps in my life right now, I feel as if I am literally going at full-speed, yet it is peace that is pushing and guiding me. 

I am embracing this place where God has brought us because how I needed it so.