Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Tassel Here and a Tassle There...

Your comments that were left yesterday for Sam were so sweet and encouraging. Thank you. I will be posting about our daughter, Jessica, on Tuesday. I have some other posts that I'm working on so make sure you come back to visit!

For today, I wanted to show you what I received in the mail last week from Susie Harris over at Bienvenue...

I love this one with the little squash on it...

If you haven't visited her yet, you need to. You won't be disappointed. Not only does she make these wonderful tassels but she has great decorating ideas as well. Thanks for my tassels Susie and for the little surprise that was inside my box...

Have a great Thursday!


  1. The gourd one is just so sweet! (Actually they both are.) I love the look of tassels but can't think of a good spot in my house to hang them. Where do you hang yours?

  2. Christy,

    My tassel just came last night. I love mine. It's of a rooster.

    I'm planning on ordering more soon.

    Enjoy your tassel.


  3. How pretty!! I linked to the quiz on my blog. Otherwise, I will give you the link.

  4. Very cute tassels! I am currently addicting to making tassels - it is just too much fun!

  5. Isn't she just the greatest! Everytime I see someone's tassel I want to go buy another one! :)

  6. Christy~
    Those are SIMPLY beautiful!!!! I will be sure to check out her site!!

    I just love the colors!!!

  7. Her tassels are just fabulous!! I love the ones you chose!

  8. I'm just getting caught up on your blog. It was so much fun to read all you wrote about your sons! As a mother of three sons, I feel so incredibly blessed...and I appreciated how you shared your sense of being blessed, too. I'm looking forward to reading about your daughter!

    I like these tassels, too, but like Carrie, I'm wondering where you hang yours.

  9. How cute! I will have to go visit her - I just love that about the blogging world. All these creative blogs out there to discover. :)

  10. these are adorable! I went to her site the other day and was looking at them. I will just come to your house and see them in person :)


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