Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catching Up...

It's a quiet Saturday morning so I thought I would take advantage of the time and do a little catching up here.

This past fall, the Lord began directing and orchestrating plans in our family that while we knew one day  were coming, we weren't "planning" on them at that time. He is so good though and as the days have turned into months now, we have seen and felt His hand moving us to where He wills us to be.

For the last four years, my husband has been on staff at the church where we have attended for the last 16 years. Going into ministry was a second career for him, and a calling in which he admits to running from for many years. Over the last four years, God has been building up and impressing on us both that the time would come for my husband to pursue a lead pastor position. As I said before though, in our timing and on our calendars, we still had... time.  If there is one thing that we learned when we made the decision to go into full-time ministry, when God tells and shows you it's time to move, you move!

This process has required something big of us. There is going to be so much that changes for our family, in particular a move from the community in which we have lived in for 16 years. So, this is very much a faith journey for our children as well.

While I know that our spiritual journey and our daily walk with Him is a constant lesson and pursuit- one in which He refines, grows, transforms, and stretches, I have never felt and known it to the depths like I have these last few years.

In whatever way it can, the pieces are coming together and all making sense.

His timing and faithfulness is unquestionable and I am finding and resting in His peace.

There are still times though that it catches me by surprise and I love that. It really and truly is the peace that passes ALL understanding.

I keep finding my self saying, "I don't want to ever lose or forget all these things that the Lord is showing me." It's life changing stuff and I know there is something I will and can be doing with what He has shown me.  It's humbled me, shown me how intensely personal my Savior is, and it has made me love Him even more.