Thursday, October 02, 2008


Usually on Thursday evenings I get my Food For Friday post ready. Instead of sharing a recipe with you, I am sharing something that I am very thankful for this evening.

This last week has been a very difficult one. Our daughter, Jessica suffers from migraines. For the past two years she has been dealing with them off and on. For the most part, they are manageable with medicine, but there have been several over the last two years that have been horrible to say the least. Last Wednesday, Jessica began having a migraine that has been the worst one she has had up to this point. The pain has been so intolerable that we have had her to the hospital twice within a matter of three days.

It is so incredibly difficult to see your child be in so much pain. Jessica is a very happy, busy, energetic girl. It's hard seeing her not being able to do anything. Not wanting to talk or laugh, and just not be Jessica. When she has these migraines, one of the things I miss the most is her smile. She has missed 6 days of school. We have felt so helpless through this. The only thing we've been able to do is help her to be as comfortable as possible, remind her that it is going to go away, and pray. Like crazy. The doctor has pretty much treated her the best he can, so at this point we are pursuing other routes.

Yesterday, Jessica began feeling better. Her smile had returned, and conversations were taking place again. Slowly, the migraine is going away.

Today was even a better day. We had an appointment with a doctor and will have a follow up appointment next week. Steve and I have been praying for wisdom, and discernment concerning her care and course of treatment at this point. The doctor we saw today is a believer and I truly felt the presence of God in this doctor's office. I needed that. Jessica needed that too.

We just came in from playing outside. All of us. Jessica started up a little bit of soccer with Sam.

This is the smile I'm talking about...

Jessica wanted an "action" shot...

Ben practiced his pitching with Steve because he has baseball try-outs this weekend...

We laughed and had fun. I stood back and just enjoyed my children. I'm thankful that they have a Dad that teaches, guides, and totally enjoys playing with his children. I am thankful that God is restoring Jessica's health. I am thankful for family and for those who have been praying us through this week. I am also thankful that we have a God that cares about our every need and that He answers when we call.

Have a very blessed weekend!!!


  1. I suffered from miagranes for years and started going to a chiropractor & after a few visits they completely disappeared - & I haven't had one in over 15 years. Praise the Lord! I will be praying for your family.

  2. Christy,
    I am so thankful that your sweet girl is feeling better. (you have a gorgeous family)
    I will lift Jessica up in prayer as well as all of your! I have several friends who suffer from migraines too. I know how debilitating they can be.

    Love the photos!!!
    God Bless!

  3. Christy,
    I just wanted to say that I too am a migrain sufferer. I have had them since my teens and the worst ones come during "my time of the month" which tells me they are mostly hormone related. In the past I have been on lots and lots of meds and done everything from glasses, to braces, to a tmj splint, (those mainlty to try and align my bite to relieve an pressure). I also have taken preventatives, etc. etc. I just got so tired of nothing helping and the side affects of the preventatives. One I did like was topamax. It did help prevent the number of them, but I stayed somewhat drowsy and had some numbness in my hands. I just decided I would deal with the mild ones and when I have a really bad one I get relief finally with "Relpax". It's wonderful. When I have a really, REALLY bad one, I just go to the ER and get Demerol and Pheregran and get knocked out for a day!! Then I'm much better.

    Anyway, I said all that to say...I FEEL HER PAIN ...Totally, AND I thought you might be interested in what helps me.

    Sorry this is so long, but this was a familiar topic for me. Hope she does better. I hate this for her at such a young age.

  4. Poor Jessica :( Katie came home from youth group last night and asked me to pray fo her. I am sorry that she has been suffering, and you have had to watch her be in pain.

  5. I came over from the Yes to God Study, and read this post.

    I suffered with Migranes for years too, remember having to be taken to the hospital for them too.

    I'm so glad she's feeling better, and I can see why you would miss that smile.

  6. What great pictures! I hope she feels better soon..migranes are so awful!

    Have a great weekend!
    -Sandy toes

  7. I just recently found your have a beautiful family! My daughter suffered from migranes too and I know that helpless feeling. She eventually out grew them... hope the same is true for your daughter.

  8. What a great family.
    So sorry about your daughters migraines. I get them too ~ they are awful. I will pray hers go away completely.

  9. Christy~
    So great to see pictures of Jessica having fun!

    Know that I'm continuing to lift you all in my prayers as you walk this road to find healing and wholenss for Jessica!

    What GREAT family TRULY are blessed!!!


  10. I am so sorry to hear about Jess's migraines. It is a terrible feeling to see your sweet baby in pain. I just said a prayer that she be freed from migraines...

    Your pics are great!

  11. Christy, I have suffered from migraines for about twenty years now, since my early 20s. They have lasted from a day to a horrific month and a half!

    I've prayed about them, prayed on the helmet of salvation in an effort to alleviate them, and have been prayed over for healing. They still occur, and there seems to be no commonality to the occurrences, except that (with the one horrific exception), they all begin on my RIGHT side.

    As I was praying about them recently, the Lord led me to this Scripture from Zechariah 3:1: "Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him."

    Ha! I have still had more than one migraine this week, but I'm looking at it from a different perspective now.

    I will pray for Jessica's relief and for the Lord's healing!

  12. I suffer from them and it's horrible. It's good to know you have a doctor who has faith in God! Thats so important.
    Glad Jessica is feeling better and it looks like you all had a fun spontaneous family time!!!

  13. OH, I am so sorry to hear that Jessica has been suffering from migraines. In junior high/high school, I used to get them pretty frequently. Then, they went away until a couple of years ago. When I was pregnant with Amelia, I had quite a few, and now that I am pregnant again, I have had another one recently. I think mine are hormone-related. The pain (and nausea and light/sound sensitivity and the day-after tender/sore head) makes it truly hard to do anything. I will be praying hard for her. :o)

    Great pictures!

  14. Hi, I see someone suggested this, but I'm a friend of Mike and Sarah's and was reading your blog, and want to reiterate with the graves gang how wonderful chiropractors are. I am completely off migrane pills after being on them for years- heavy doses-several times a month. I now work with my chiropractors too. They do corrective care- actually x-raying the spine to see what's going on with the neck and head area. Jessica could have a subluxated neck causing pressure on the nerves to cause the migranes. I'm happy to find a doctor in your area who does corrective care if you give me your zip code or send you info on email is
    Michele Jenkins


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