Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain Road To Victory Rally...

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What a memorable way to spend my birthday.... going to a John McCain Road To Victory Rally. The boys were just thrilled to not to have to go to school. Every year they get an R&R day. In our house, that is a no school day. Just a day of Rest and Relaxation. They wanted to make sure this didn't count as their R&R day. Unfortunately, Jessica wasn't able to go with us because of her school and work schedule.

We were so thankful when we got there because we thought we were going to have to wait forever (as my boys would say) in the lines. It actually only took us about 20 minutes to get in and while waiting outside, my boys were scoping out all the snipers and secret service.

We had really great seats. Now, it was time to just sit and wait. Three hours to be exact. There was plenty of entertainment though. The marching band of the high school where this event was held played us some tunes. Following that, we listened to the country singer Aaron Tippin (I don't even know how to spell his name. I have no idea who he is really.) Anyway, he sang a song called ,"Kiss This".  Like every other country song, it's about a woman who got tired of taking it from her man. She basically told him to come on over and kiss this...  After the song was over, my youngest son, Ben, wanted to know what he was supposed to kiss. Nice huh? I'm not going there. I'm just saying.

We then welcomed John and Cindy McCain...

It was definitely one of those moments when I was just so very proud to be an American. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance and listening to the National Anthem. Being in a large crowd of people who are supporting the man who they are voting to be the next President of the United States. Even Sam and Ben proudly showed their support...

When we left the school, the bus was making it's way out as well...

The day is now coming to an end and I am headed to one of my favorite spots...

To have a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese and coffee. It's just what sounded good. It's my birthday right? And to read the latest issue of Southern Living...

Thank you to everyone for all of my birthday wishes. You made me feel special!!!

For all of my Yes To God girlfriends... I will be posting this weeks chapter on Wednesday. See you then!

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  1. Looks like a great day.... and the perfect ending! Great family time & great time to yourself!!! Enjoy!

  2. What a fun day! Happy Birthday!

  3. What a great day....I loved living it through you!!

  4. Wow. That looks like great fun!!!

    Go check where you composed your post and delete all the extra space out. That may work. I've done that before. ???

  5. Christola! Happy Happy Happy BELATED Birthday! I missed 3 of your posts. One day away from the computer and look at what I missed! It sounds like you had a great day! Next time that you are so close to my house...POP in and say Hi! May God richly bless you throughout the coming year as you continually bless others! Love ya, girl!

  6. What a great day!

    My heart is warmed that your kids are experiencing history. I have always been an American History buff. So experiences like this are priceless!

    Oh... and you end of the day spot...ahhhhh!

  7. Looks like it was a great day from start to finish! Love those cinnamon crunch bagels!

  8. How fun...looks like a great day!!! It would be fun to see MCCain..Palin was fun to see! What a cute the boys..they look so excited!!!

    Cin. crunch bagel..yum!-sandy toes

  9. How fun! I would love to go to one of these. President Bush came to our tiny airport one day and Cody got to go but I had to work. :( Glad ya'll got to go to the rally!

  10. Blah! I missed your birthday post :( I am sorry. Oh, the rally looked so exciting. When Lauren and Megan were 5 and 2, I stood in line for like three hours (I know, I was crazy) to see President Bush and Barbara. Barbara held Megan!! It was all so surreal, but so fun.

    {{feel the love}}

  11. I've gotta say... I LOVE your red striped chair! So cute!

  12. mmm...Cinammon crunch bagel and a chair waiting for you, plus a fun family day! What a great birthday!

  13. Hey Christy- I was just blog surfing and came across yours...
    We have a common interest! Cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut spread rock the house!
    My husband has just become a pastor as well.
    Any way, happy birthday may you be blessed! Rose

  14. Christy,
    What a fun time! I loved looking at your pictures, and I'm so glad you had such a great BDay!

  15. The boys looks so big! I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday!

  16. What an awesome opportunity and you got such great pictures! So good that you could take the boys along. :)

  17. I'm jealous. I would so love to go to one of their rallies.
    Good for you & I love seeing your kids so excited.
    I think mine will be a professional political pundant by the end of all this.:)

  18. What a great day! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


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