Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outside My Door...

Fall is finally here in Ohio. The last couple of weeks we have had cool temperatures during the day and temperatures in the 30's at night. As much as I love the change of seasons, I am not ready for the really cold and snowy weather we will soon be having. The older I get, the more I find that I want my warm days to stick around. 

It is a beautiful morning. The air is crisp and cool and after it being rainy and overcast yesterday, the sun is shining. Here is just a little peek of what is outside my back door...

My husband, Steve, sitting in one of his favorite places...

And of course, Lily isn't too far from his side. She loves to get her picture taken...

We got this sign this morning at the local Republican headquarters. We also got FREE tickets to see John McCain this Monday at an area high school for a Road to Victory Rally. We are taking the boys, so it should be a memorable day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend where you are!


  1. We lived in the midwest for 4 years and I loved fall but the winters were just too long for me. Have fun at the McCain rally...we took our girls in 2000 to see Bush the day before the was a very memorable experience!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have the most photogentic dogs ever!! I totally love the picture of your little Westie. Oh, yeah, Steve is cute as well. :)

    Go Sarah and John!! Take your camera.

  3. Have fun at the McCain rally...we live W. we are close! I love that little white!
    -So sweet!
    -Sandy toes

  4. Lily looks precious!

    Enjoy the McCain rally; Sarah Palin will be in our area on Monday. I'm trying to decide whether to brave the crowds to get there!

    Enjoy your weekend ...

  5. That is just the cutest dog ever.

    I love Fall and the cool air. I don't like it when it gets bitterly cold though. We have a fellowship with church tonight and a hayride. It's such a fun time of year. Have a good weekend.

  6. Great pictures!

    For some reason, our state is not passing out McCain signs. Someone explained it to me it was because he already won our state in the primaries???? Its confusing. Glad you got one!

  7. I have seen your sweet picture from comments on many of the same blogs that we visit, and have so enjoyed visiting yours....wanted you to know :).
    I missed Sarah P when she was here since I was out of town....I was SO bummed!

  8. Oh - forgot to add that your tassle was fabulous!! YEA for you!

  9. I really enjoy reading your blog. Also, I love your McCain sign!!!

    Jamie @ Dear Diary...

  10. what a gorgeous tree! ours were a little brown this year, so I just will enjoy yours...


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  12. I am loving fall! I am certainly enjoying the colors changing this year!

  13. Love your pictures and your dog is just adorable! Just wanted to be sure you got my email re: comments. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. What a gorgeous view! Wish we could all gather around your picnic table for some cider and fellowship! ;)

    Fall is in full swing here in Indy too!

    Enjoy the McCain rally. Sarah Palin was in in Indy last weekend and in Ft. Wayne, IN (yesterday I believe) Final stretch now... praying hard!!!

  15. Happy BIRTHDAY Girl! To you! Hope you enjoy a special day and know you will at the McCain Rally! :) Very nice.

    And I do like your sign. :)

    Of course, that view out your back door is heaven sent.

  16. BEAUTIFUL pictures!
    I want to have a picnic in your back yard


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