Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Is Thy Faithfulness...

Thank you to all of you who were wishing me well on my little break. Many things have been going on here in our home the last few weeks. Really, for the last month to be exact. As I shared in a previous post, our daughter Jessica has been struggling with migraines. All of our attention and focus has been on her and getting her well.

In the midst of all this, I have seen and known that God is working and that He cares about our every need. He has answered our prayers in so many ways. We have known His presence.  I am so incredibly thankful for our friends and family that have surrounded us, encouraged, and prayed for us. 

I'm still catching up on some things... like the bible study Behind Those Eyes that I am posting about on Tuesdays. I will have one ready for next week! To all of my friends that are joining me in this, thanks for being patient with me:)

This is a week where there is nothing on my calendar and I am so very happy! I really need calm, quiet, and stress-free (yes, there is such a thing!) days. I'm looking forward to reading, working on a little project that will hopefully turn out cute enough for me to share, cleaning my house with the music turned up loud, and especially having some time with God. I've been doing a lot of crying out to Him lately, so now I just want to sit at His feet.

Tonight I was listening to one of my favorite C.D.'s called Be Still My Soul by Selah. I LOVE their music and there are times when I just need to listen to some good old hymns. I was standing in my kitchen thinking about how I have known God's faithfulness over this last month with everything we've gone through. That was when this song came on...

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Great is Thy faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness
Morning by morning
New mercies I see
All I have needed
Thy hand has provided
Great is Thy faithfulness
Lord unto me.

He has been all that I've needed. He has been faithful. Always.


  1. Hi, Christy, good to have you back!

    How are Jessica's migraines? Have you had (or, has she had) any breakthroughs?

    Love your pretty new autumn look. :-)

  2. Glad you are back.

    Last week, I went to MI and got together with some highschool friends. They were talking about Selah...they graduated from my Christian school in Southfield, MI...I didn't even know...he doesn't look like he did in highschool! I am so behind in any type of "star".."music" news!
    -Sandy Toes

  3. Hey Christy,
    My daughter Jessica has struggled with migraines as well. Since she was little we have had to monitor her activities (not let her get too tired) and her eating habits. I can remember one of her bday parties when she had to go to bed early with a headache while we entertained all of her friends. I will pray that your daughter's migraines will get better soon!
    Also, I can't wait to try your cookie recipe from last week. YUM, it looks sooo good!

    Take care and I will be back soon...

  4. I'm so glad you have some "margin" in this new week; that's so important. May it be a time of true refreshment for you!

    I'm with you on Selah's music...someone gave me their Christmas CD, and after that, I was hooked. They have a unique way of making the old hymns so very appealing, reminding me of the relevance of those dear old words.

  5. My daughter also struggled w/ migraines when she was younger and occasionally has one now. In time hers became fewer, but we know for her stress is the trigger. Hope you know what she needs soon. I know from watching my daughter they can be extremely painful. She is in my prayers. Jackie

  6. I am glad you've had a break, and I hope you can continue to rest! I love that hymn...makes me want to go listen to it...maybe I will! :) Glad to have you back!

  7. {{{hugs}}} I am sorry, I feel your angst in a different way as everyone is healthy in my home, I am just worn out from work and longing for some rest. praying :)

  8. Glad you are back! I love this hymn.

  9. So happy to read you are back and that Jessica seems to be better.

    A free week on the calendar...what's THAT like? lol

    Having said that, sending one off to college this year and another one a senior this year...all too soon I will have free space on my calendar and I'm not really looking forward to it! The girl has two more weeks of volleyball and, unless she plays in college, it will be an end of an era that I have come to love.

    Enjoy the quiet time. Hugs to you and to sweet Jessica. Sarah also suffers from migraines so I feel your pain...


  10. Nice to have you back. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and I enjoy it.
    I hope that your daughter is better. God Bless you and your family.

  11. Yes He is faithful! I'm part of the migraine club and understand the pain it brings. I'll be praying for your daughter and trust he will comfort her. Enjoy your down time!!

  12. Welcome back! We all missed you and your great posts like this one - except for your daughters migrains. Prayers to you all.

  13. I've been doing a lot of crying out to Him lately, so now I just want to sit at His feet.

    I loved what you wrote here Christy. Nothing worse than seeing our babies in pain. Continue to pray her through it.

    Take your time with the study...your family is first and we'll be here for you. Praying with you.

    Hugs, blessings & love,

  14. Christy,
    I am glad you got some needed rest. I too am behind on my Tuesday postings... but oh how I am loving the book!

    I am thanking the Lord that He is giving you a free calendar this week. Rest in Him.


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