Thursday, October 09, 2008


This week I was able to go and hang out with some of my favorite people. My friends. I had been having a difficult week and there was really nothing I needed more than to be with my friends.  We got together at Lori's house for lunch and to help her do some decorating. She has a beautiful home and needed some help getting things in place. So, she called in the troops...

I am so thankful for the friends Steve and I have. You have impacted us, encouraged us, blessed and challenged us more than you know. You are a VERY important part of our lives. With that in mind, I would like to give a big shout out to a few of my friends!!! 

To Aamie (and you too, Tim:)) from Connecticut. It was great to catch-up with you on the phone.  We hope we can see you real soon...

To my new friends... Debbie in Kansas, and Julie in Illinois...

This also goes to Kim in Minnesota who has been a HUGE support for me through her prayers, e-mails, and sending scripture to me through text messages regarding Jessica's recent migraine. (One day we will get to meet in person!)

To our community group... it is a privilege to journey through life with you. 

To Liz and Ryan in Washington D.C.... we miss you so much!

To all my friends, near and far, I love you like crazy!!!


  1. Christy, what a neat post, and how fabulous all you ladies look in the first picture! How about I will be your special photographic friend? (actually, that kind of makes me sound like I have special needs...well, maybe I do!) Love the first song playing, makes my hear soar!

  2. "Friends are like may not always see them BUT they are there"

    Have a great day!
    -Sandy Toes

  3. Hi to all my girls!!! I miss you all!

  4. Friends are the best kind of are so blessed!

  5. Friends are the best.

    I left you a special treat over at my place. Go check it out!

  6. This post made me think of the dear friends I have, both near and far (mostly far, it seems, as a result of some moves we've made). What a treasure friends are!

    BTW, I made your Wild Chicken recipe last night for dinner. It was a hit! Thanks so much; I'll definitely make it again. :)

  7. Christy~
    You are TOO much...for truly, your friendship has truly BLESSED me beyond measure!!

    My family rolls their eyes each time they watch my expression when I see you name come through my phone via text or you calling!!!

    We truly have so much in common....and God KNEW what he was doing by allowing our paths to cross!!

    A huge "hug"...from me to you...via the web my friend!

    Thanks for making my day.


  8. p.s. Christy~
    for some reason...when you click on my goes to a different seasons of my heart. lol

  9. You are so blessed to have such great friends...and I am sure they are equally blessed by you. Building friendships with other women is one of the skills I want to model for my daughter more than any other...I think it is so important, especially as we get into motherhood and out of the college/work scene. It can be really lonely to be at home all the time with kids! I am so glad for you!

  10. Christy-

    We miss you too! You all are in our thoughts more than you know!

    Love, Liz (& Ryan)


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