Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am a big ole' copy cat coaster maker. I first saw this creative project from Susie at Bienvenue and then Empty Nest Full Life had step by step instructions last week for this project. Can I just say I LOVE this project!

If you want to give this project a try, here is what you will need:

~ ceramic tiles - (the small ones) I bought mine at Lowe's for 32 cents a piece.
~ rubber stamps
~ Staz On stamp pad
~ Sealer- I used matte clear acrylic sealer
~ Felt pads for the bottom of the tiles

Look how easy this is. Just stamp....

Place your felt pads on each of the corners to prevent scratching tables...

And there you have a pretty and decorative coaster...

Make sure you spray them with the sealer so the stamp stays on.
Don't you like the Westie dog? I had to use this one since we have 3 of these dogs...

Then tie them up with a pretty ribbon and you have a gift for someone special...

I know that I will making plenty of these coasters. What a great gift to give to teachers, friends, or to take as a hostess gift for all those Christmas parties that will soon be coming up.

Not only do these make nice Christmas gifts, but really special birthday gifts too! Look what I got in the mail this week from my friend, Kim....

Little did we know that each of us had been working on the same project. We even used the exact same Fleur De Lis stamp. How funny is that? Thanks for the coasters Kim. LOVE them!!!


  1. Your coasters turned out great...they look better than the expensive ones that you can buy. You made this look so easy, I will have to try it...what a great hostess gift for the holidays!

  2. Christy, I am totally saving this idea in my files. I love how they turned out (especially the bee...of course!) and I agree, they make such a great gift for teachers, neighbors, whoever! Love them!

  3. Well, it's absolutely adorable! I have to stop my Michael's later today and I think I will be looking around for bee stamps while I am there! :)

  4. I am SO doing this project! Looks like a wonderful Christmas gift idea!!! I can't wait to try! I think I will make a run to the craft store and to Lowes tomorrow!

  5. Love this! A project even I can do. Great idea for teachers. And, I actually need a set for myself. Thanks for this great idea. Have a super day...

  6. You did an awesome job....what fabulous gifts those will make.

  7. OH my goodnes...I wrote that down right now...I just love it love it love it!! What a great gift!!!!

    Second, I just updated my post today b/c I don't remember who that icon came from b/c I told her I would I asked if anyone knew so I could link her...I hope someone will know!!!

    Okay..I am so excited about this project!!
    -sandy toe

  8. Christy~
    Your coasters turned out GREAT!

    Tell me, where did you get your Fleur De Lis stamp with the cute border around it?? Too cute.

  9. Will you please come rub off some of your craftiness on me? Please?

  10. Husband out of town this week. Can anyone guess what I'll be doing.

  11. They turned out so cute! I love easy projects. I need to try this!

  12. What a great idea! and just in time for Christmas. It looks easy and inexpensive and doable (gotta say, I am not really into crafts where I think... It would be easier and cheaper to buy that! I have enough things to do, if you know what I mean) Haha!!

    My only question: Do they actually absorb water/condensation (ie. do they work?)


  13. I found out who had the "Thursday Thankfuls" @

    or you can go to my blog..I updated it!

  14. Love the coasters. Where did you get the dog and bumblebee stamps? I have got to get busy. I have a bird to go with the birdnest stamps also. I have also seen a single feather that would be pretty also. I will have to wait until 1/2 price again. Jackie

  15. I know what I want for Christmas!

  16. These are brilliant! And you did such a great job. Love your stamp choices. The Fluer de Leis is the symbol of New Orleans, etc. :)

  17. I've got to try this!!! I've seen it twice now... :-) Thanks!


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