Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Dear Sweet Jessica,

Happy 20th Birthday!

Do you know that even when I look into your eyes I can still see the little girl you once were? I have to look a little bit deeper each year because you have so beautifully grown into a young woman who takes me by surprise. 

This past year, more than any others, has been such a significant time in your life. I have seen firsthand your determination, strength and resolve. You have been a young woman that is following hard after God and desiring His will more than anything else. 

As you go through this upcoming year and all that will come your way, my prayers for you will continue. One of my greatest privileges as your mom is being on my knees for you. 

I pray that the Lord directs every single step you take and then you continue to walk by faith even when you can't see what is in the distance. Your Jesus knows everything that is up ahead for you and He will guide you.

I pray that you constantly know His affection for you. You are His and He delights in you. I want you to always remember that even in the struggles and disappointments that He has your very best interest at heart.

Even in your short life, you have story after story of how He has been faithful to you. That is your foundation sweetheart and what you build your trust in Him upon. 

I pray that He gives you courage when you are afraid, wisdom and discernment when you are unsure, and strength when you are weak.

I pray that He places opportunities before you that are divinely inspired for you to share His love. There is a reason and purpose for the people and circumstances that the Lord brings into your life. I pray that you see these as significant and that you recognize they can be holy moments even though they may appear as interruptions.

As a young woman, I pray that your security is in Him alone and that your heart only wanders to the One whose love is steadfast, unfailing, and forever.

I pray that as His will unfolds in your life, you have a strong sense of purpose and direction and that you will boldly take the steps of obedience that are required of you.

I pray that you seek Him earnestly, persistently and that you experience His boundless love for you. I pray that you have a love for His word and that He breathes and speaks life into every word so that it comes alive to you.

Let the life you live be pleasing to Him and offer everything you do and say back to Him as an act of worship. I pray that He uses your gifts and talents to glorify Him and that others are are drawn to Him through that. May your heart be broken over the things that break His heart so that you can serve Him passionately and in complete abandonment. He has given you a voice and a heart of compassion my sweet girl to speak of justice and the freedom that can only be found in Him.

May you always live fearlessly for Him, walking always by faith and being that wild woman for Jesus that I love so very much.



  1. She is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful picture and a wonderful letter to your sweet little girl. Made me cry.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl...

  3. Happy Birthday Jessica! You are so beautiful!

  4. overwhelming that at Jessica has such a testimony to God's faithfulness! we are all better for watching her walk with Him!

  5. What a beautiful young lady! What a beautiful prayer from a precious mother!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Jessica!!! You are LOVED!! :)

  7. Beautiful words for a beautiful woman!


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