Monday, February 28, 2011

Counting Them One By One #96-110

My list of gratitude continues to grow and what I evidenced over these last couple of weeks is that even when my days are busy and tiring, His grace never stops and my heart is still open to receive...

96.) meeting with some of my closest friends every other week as we read and discuss "One Thousand Gifts".
97.) open hearts, honest words, and vulnerability.
98.) white tulips.
99.) evidence that God is working.
100.) reaching 100 gifts that I am thankful for and wanting to keep on counting.
101.) the smile on Sam's face when he tried on his new cycling uniform for the first time.
102.) having people pray for our family.
103.) doing Jessica's laundry for her so that she could spend time with her friends.
104.) receiving a long awaited gift.
105.) early morning thunderstorms.
106.) underlined passages of Scripture in my Bible.
107.) second chances.
108.) the words to the song "In Christ Alone".
109.) the kiss my husband gives me every morning as he says "good-bye".
110.) days in which the box on my calendar is empty.


  1. I won this book in a give away and starting to read it.

  2. Oh how I love this book!!! It is life changing!!! Good to "see" you!!

  3. I love the song, "In Christ Alone". Your list is beautiful! I just started my list of gifts today...looking forward to continuing this and purposely looking for how God is blessing...Have a great day!

  4. I love reading your list. There are so many blessings in our life. I started my 1,000 gifts journey today!

  5. I love number 108...In Christ Alone is one of my favorites...I can't seem to get enough of the words to that song!

  6. I’m here from Ann’s this morning.

    It is amazing how this counting changes things isn’t it?

    And if I have to pick just one from your list, I pick: 109.) the kiss my husband gives me every morning as he says "good-bye". (because the design of godly marriage – at the base of it is being a “helpmate” – in the Hebrew it’s two words “suitable counterpart”. And it’s the simple things – the morning kiss goodbye – these things make God smile – I just know)

    These words made me smile. Thank you.

    God Bless you and all of yours

  7. I love your precious list. I need to start my own. There are so many things...1) the way my 23 month old says, "bless you, Mommy" when I sneeze, 2) my husband's sense of humor, 3) notes from my 8 year old daughter, 4) my 7 year old son's wild curiosity...

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  8. White tulips... beautiful. An early morning thunderstorm, I love that! Wonderful list!

  9. Such a great list! I've read through the book once and starting again! I just didn't want to miss anything! I loved "second chances!" Isn't it great that we get those???? God is so good!

  10. I need to get this book already. I think I'm the only one who hasn't read it!


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