Monday, February 07, 2011

Counting Them One By One #42-65

I had to pay a little closer attention to the gifts around me this week. My week ended up being entirely different than what I had planned. Isn't that how it always goes though? This week brought snow and ice storms which meant school being closed, and our son, Ben, has had a time with the flu and an ear infection.

Even in the circumstances that were brought my way this week, I was still surrounded by gifts. While I had to look a little more closely or deeply, I found them. Once recognized, they were sweet, comforting, and a reminder that He is near.

And so, I continue to count...

42. We thought Ben was well, sent him to school (after missing 5 days), and then he came home sick... again. At 4:30 I called the doctor and they said to be there by 5 because the doctor would see him. Really, how often does that happen? Came home with an ear infection, but so thankful we didn't have to wait until tomorrow.
43. wrapping birthday presents and praying that the Lord blesses our daughter this year.
44. news from my sister that she is expecting another girl in late June.
45. a daughter celebrating 20 years of life.
46. being iced in for 2 days and having a full pantry and refrigerator.
47. chocolate cakes and cinnamon rolls.
48. forgiveness.
49. the way Sam keeps an eye out for things.
50. power staying on during ice storm when so many around us lost theirs.
51. the doctor calling in a second round of antibiotics for us instead of having to make another office visit.
52. 2 hours every week that Sam gets to do something he loves.
53. an email from my father-in-law.
54. quiet moments.
55. beams of sunshine coming through the window.
56. psalm 84:1-2 sitting on the windowsill.
57. looking to my left as I sit on the sofa and seeing the man I love.
58. organizing a cluttered space.
59. new projects that inspire and motivate me to see it through.
60. words that remind me of a gift I have.
61. a husband who washes the dishes every night after dinner.
62. cards that come in the mail.
63. superbowl parties and being with friends we love.
64. letting a dog out at 1 a.m., having it chase a skunk and not getting sprayed.
65. having the sparkle back in Ben's eyes that tell me he is finally feeling better.


  1. love this! I featured you today. :) Happy monday! hope your week is good!

  2. I loved your interview on Cat's blog today! So nice to come over here and see you are doing the 1000 gifts list as well. It is wonderful! So glad your little one is feeling better. Gorgeous photo!

  3. You doing this has inspired my Life-group and I to read this book together!

  4. I love that you are counting your blessings! We all spend way to much time counting our problems and needs and not seeing all the marvelous blessings we have!

  5. Loved your list! Praying Ben is feeling better! I hope one of the items on your list this year is a visit (finally) from bloggy friends!


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