Friday, January 22, 2010


There was only one reason why I bought this cereal. It wasn't because I saw words like...

"Whole Grain Guaranteed" or "May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease", or even the fact that one serving size is only 140 calories.

It's because of one little word that gets me every single time.


Move over Multi-Grain Cheerios because these Chocolate Cheerios have found a place in my pantry.
These little bundles of goodness even turn the milk all chocolatey and yummy.
Need I say more?


  1. I'm sold! Anything with the word chocolate in it has a loving place in my pantry.

  2. You crack me up! I'm going to the grocery this a.m...wondering if I will hear..." me!" from the cereal aisle.

  3. Like you said~YUM! Sounds delicious! Anything chocolate is absolutely wonderful. :)

  4. Ok, chocolate on anything is just good. But having chocolate for breakfast? Well, that's just great! :)

  5. Yum...I will try these. I am not a HUGE chocolate lover but I LOVE sweet cereal.

  6. Gotta try this! You know, I even think the multigrain cheerios are yummy.

  7. I saw these in the grocery ad (and I have a coupon), so I was wondering if they were good. Maybe I'll try them now. :)


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