Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. The boys left for school awhile ago and Ben looks so stinkin' cute in his new glasses.  He tells me that I need to stop calling him cute because that's not what a 12-year old wants to hear.

2. I really, really need some warm weather and sunshine.

3. I have been re-evaluating how I plan our dinners and the amount of money we are spending. My goal is to start saving $100+ a month. I love cooking so I still want to be able to fix creative and tasty dinners. I normally plan two weeks of dinners but I 'm wondering if I should start just doing it a week at a time.

4. Last night, our daughter, Jessica wanted some chocolate chip cookies. I love that she still asks me to bake cookies for her. Anyway, I tried a new recipe which is always hard for me because I have this sense of obligation to never stray from the Nestle recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The cookies come out all soft and thick which is exactly how I like them. Secret ingredients... vegetable oil and cream of tartar. Go figure. The bad part about the cookies is that I am currently trying to lose some weight and I totally caved last night and ate three. Darn it.

5. I like the show "24". This is the first season I've watched and I am still trying to figure out the whole time-line thing and how all this stuff that is happening to Jack actually takes place in a 24 hour period. Or something like that. I also like the fact that I sit next to my husband and we watch the show together.

6. With having two sons, ages 12 and 13, I pulled out all the "teen" books we read when our daughter (who will be 19 next week... just not possible!) was this age. Teenagers. They are sweet and vulnerable and so much smarter than what I realize at times.


  1. I like Random Thoughts posts! I need to do one. Another tip for chocolate chip cookies: I use part butter, part Crisco. I don't use Crisco for anything else in my life so this is a guilty pleasure only a couple of times a year!

  2. Thanks for sharing! My husband and I like the show 24 as well! One summer we rented the old DVD's (when nothing else was one), and we got caught up before the season began!

  3. Hi Christy,

    I discovered your blog a couple months ago and have enjoyed reading through your entries. I am a mom to a 13 month old so it's fun for me to see what it will be like to have teenagers someday. I also wanted to thank you for the tutorial you gave on your blog design. I always see creative blog headers but never knew how to achieve that look.


  4. OK... Random thoughts on your post:

    1. Are you going to share the cookie recipe???

    2. 24... it's addictive. We've watched every season, and even in the midst of the trauma, I chuckle over how they can get from place to place in LA or NYC in the time it takes for a commercial break! :-) It's amazing, too, how Jack can be tourted almost to death and then heal from those wounds within a few hours... TV drama at it's best!

    3. I'm so glad that you are back to blogging! I've missed you and Kim...Coffee SO much!

    :-) Jennifer

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your random thoughts. I posted some of my own but they are "random, fuzzy, menopausal" thoughts! lol


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