Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Picture A Day

It's no secret that I love photography. My love for capturing everything on camera began over ten years ago when I had a simple point and shoot camera. When my husband and I purchased our first SLR camera, the photography bug really grew. While most of the time I kept the camera on all the automatic settings, I was slowly beginning to learn how to manually take photographs. There were literally hundreds and hundreds rolls of film that I took while using that camera. Keeping up with getting film developed became quite a task. In fact, I still have rolls of film that need to be developed. Last Spring, we gave into technology (my husband will say he gave into my begging and pleading for a new camera) with the purchase of a Nikon D60. I am finding that digital photography is a whole new ball game, and I have a whole lot to learn.

So, I am reading my manual and learning everything I can about my camera. Fortunately, I have a couple friends that are excellent photographers who are very patient with me and willing to teach and offer advice that I really appreciate. And finally, it comes down to only one thing... PRACTICE. There really is no other way to get better, so I am taking a lot of pictures. Like millions of them. I take pictures of my kids, my feet and random stationary objects. There are times when we are watching TV and I pull out my camera and just start taking pictures.

When I heard of Project 365, I thought it would be a very creative, fun and enjoyable way to practice taking pictures.

Here is why I want to do this:

1.) I would like to gain a better understanding of the technical side of photography.
2.) To be more confident when I am taking pictures. My lack of knowledge often leads to a whole lot of frustration.
3.) To capture memories and document our family's life for a year.
4.) Develop my eye for seeing things in a new way.
5.) It gives me a really good excuse to take my camera with me everywhere I go.

So, today marks Day 1 with the picture of me relaxing on the sofa with my cozy slippers and my ever faithful manual book.

I also have another blog up and running now as a way for me to document the pictures I take. You can click here or link to it from over on my sidebar.


  1. Hey Christy~
    I LOVE the look of your blog!! Simply beautiful! So tell me, are you using blogger, or a different blog template? I never knew one could make their header so big! I LOVE they way you did yours.

    I'll be looking forward to following your new photo blog as well.

    Praying your new year is off to a great start!


  2. I am also doing Project 365. I ordered the kit last year and just never got around to it (actually by mid-Feb was tired of taking a pic a day). After seeing Project Life, I pulled 365 out and have been doing that since Jan 1st. Hopefully I won't lose my momentum=).

    I have a D70. It stays in automatic all the time (except portraits or night). Are you going to post the settings you use on your POTD? I need to go check out that site.

  3. I LOVE this new look! (ha ha - I just looked to the left and saw that Kim said the same thing!) Your pictures in the header look professional. Once I'm finished with these two graduate courses I'm taking (still haven't started yet - still procrastinating!) I'm going to re-do my blog. I may have to pick your brain. ;-)

    Hope you have a great day~

  4. I just got a new digital SLR for Christmas and I am sooooo enjoying taking pictures of EVERYTHING! I hope I can learn somethings from you!


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