Friday, January 15, 2010

The Spoon

So, here's the story...

When our son, Sam, was in 2nd grade, he had a teacher that hoped for snow days more than the students. When snow was in the forecast, the teacher would send them home reminding them to wear their pajamas inside out, open the freezer door and dance. The most important thing to do though was to put a spoon under their pillows.

This little ritual has been going on now for several years (my boys are now in the 6th and 7th grade) anytime there is a possibility for snow.

Last week, our first snowstorm of the season was well on its way. It's always especially exciting when the snow is predicted to come during the night because most certainly school will be cancelled if a significant amount falls. My boys were going to do their part, however, in contributing to school being cancelled. Their jammies were turned inside out, plenty of dancing took place in front of the freezer and spoons were laid under the pillows.

After about 6 inches of snow, we had our first official snow day of the season.

As I was making Ben's bed this morning (now over a week later), I pulled back his sheets and set his pillows aside. There, under his pillow, I found this...

Even though we haven't had snow for over a week and certainly no expected snowstorms in the extended forecast, I can't blame him for trying.


  1. I love that you took a picture of this. So sweet. I remember wishing for a snow day as a child. What memories!

  2. AAAAHH!! I love it and I love your new look.

  3. My kids also put white crayons in the freezer and flush ice cubes down the toilet.

    Whatever works...

  4. That is TOO funny!

    I'm surprised my husband doesn't sleep with a spoon under his pillow. Not for a 'snow day', but because he DAILY wishes for MORE snow! :-)

  5. That is too funny. Maybe I should try those tricks when I'm in need of a snow day. :) Thanks for the reminder of the chicken soup. I need to add it to our weekly recipe list so we can try it soon!

  6. that is a great story - so glad I stopped by - love your new red look too!


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