Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Enlarging Pictures On Your Blog

Would you like to know how to make your pictures larger on your blog? Well, I had always wondered the same thing too, until I found a very easy to understand tutorial walking me step by step through the process.

Since I am one that believes that a good thing needs to be shared, I am going to show you how you can make all those great pictures you have even greater!

I can hardly stand how excited I am, so let's get started...

Begin by uploading your picture just like you normally do. I always use LARGE as the image size.

Once you have your picture uploaded, you are then going to click on "EDIT HTML". It's up there in the top right hand corner and before it was set on "COMPOSE".

Now, here comes the most important part of the step. You are going to see a whole bunch of letters and mumbo jumbo. Don't let it intimidate you because you are a photo uploader, big picture maker GENIUS!

What you are looking for is (each picture will have it's own paragraph) is something that looks like this:

WIDTH: 247px
HEIGHT: 400 px
(the numbers might be different for you but just find the WIDTH and HEIGHT)

Now, are you ready for this... DELETE them both the numbers as well as the ;. Don't panic, I promise it will work.

Now, you need to carefully look through all the letters and find something that looks like this:

This might be a different number too but look for the /S.../

This special little number is what determines the size of your picture. /S400/ is the size that it was uploaded as LARGE. Guess what you get to do now... DELETE that number too. At this point you are well on your way to great big pictures.

Here are the choices that will work to make your pictures larger:

Let's start at the beginning without changing a thing...


576 makes it a little bigger

640 makes it even bigger

and 800 makes it GINORMOUS!!!

(I can't enlarge to this size because I am currently using the Minima template for my blog. However, if you are using the Minima Stretch Layout for your blog, I have three words for you... GO FOR IT!!!)

It's really important though that you only CHANGE THE NUMBER. All that other mumbo jumbo is important.

Once you have made these changes, you can click back on COMPOSE to finish your post and you should see that your picture is larger.

That's it... you did it and now your pictures will never be the same!


  1. Thanks for this information. I will love to use it when I have a computer that I can upload photos. I love your new blog header, it is darling.

  2. Such good information! Thank you for sharing!

    I love the new look of your blog. How did you do the header? Those are beautiful, comfy pictures. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing-I have always wonder but to shy to try it-now with your blessing I will!!! love your blog, and new blog header...

  4. Thank you SO much for sharing this info! I plan to utilize that right away! I love the new look of your blog...especially your header! Blessings to you...

  5. Wow - thanks so much for this info! I will try it next time, for sure...

  6. Ginormus is always better...lol


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