Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Every Picture Has A Story

The header on my blog has changed many times over the last couple of years and I finally think I have made one that can stay awhile. 

Each of these pictures really do hold a moment in time for me. And has the saying goes, every picture really does tell a story.

So, come and sit awhile and let me tell you some stories. 

I took this picture in the summer of 2007. While visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Nashville, we made a trip to the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee. Not only is this a beautiful plantation but it is so rich in history. The battle that took place on the grounds of this plantation was one of the bloodiest of the Civil War. Nearly 10,000 soldiers were either killed, wounded or went missing. Four generals lost their lives here which were laid out upon the back porch. Carnton Plantation served as the largest field hospital in the area and within the rooms, you will still see blood stained floors from wounded and fallen soldiers. Following the war, a piece of the property was designated as a cemetery in which 1,500 Confederate soldiers were laid to rest. 

The book Widow of the South by Robert Hicks has forever immortalized the events that took place in just five hours on November 30, 1864.

gate leading to the garden

hydrangeas... my most favorite of all.

This picture was taken the summer of 2009 on our family vacation to Virginia. My parents had just made a recent move there, so not only did we have time with them, but it was a  chance to visit places we may never had thought of visiting before.  One day, we made the drive to Harper's Ferry and once we got off the bus that took us down into the town, this fence was one of the first things that caught my eye. Give me a door, gate, fence, or flower and I could take pictures all day long. 

This was such a fun day walking through the town and imagining what life would have been like so long ago. 

Isn't there also a saying about the longer you are married, the more you begin to look like your spouse? Funny thing is, I don't think we noticed that we were wearing the same colors until we saw the picture!

Last summer, we found ourselves back in Virginia again. This time it was a list of battlefields and the historic Mount Vernon we set out to see.

Walking through the gardens of Mount Vernon, we gazed upon the beautiful flowers, butterflies and once again, we were just enamored with the history that took place there.

There were many wrought iron benches in the garden and along the pathways and I suppose, it's just another one of those things my eye is drawn to.

Sam sitting on the back porch looking out onto the Potomac River. It was very easy to see why this was General Washington's favorite place to be. 

front view of Mt. Vernon

On that same vacation, we also visited the home that served as Stonewall Jackson's headquarters during the Civil War. I think this was one of Sam's (our history buff) most favorite stops. What makes it really neat is that it is even located in my parent's hometown of Winchester, Virginia.

We walked through the rooms of the house, each one telling a story of it's own. Personal keepsakes, photos, and furniture were all on display and again, we wrapped our minds around such a significant time in our country's history.

I suppose it's not only doors, gates, flowers, and anything wrought iron that I am drawn to but steps, and old ones at that.

Sam in the front yard of Stonewall Jackson's headquarters 

Remember what I said about taking pictures of flowers? We have a local flower shop that I love to visit and buy flowers from. This really is my go to place for anytime I need flowers for a special occasion or just to add a little bit of loveliness to our home. 

I came home with several bunches of flowers in my favorite color... white. I sat them out upon the picnic table and not only did I arrange and fill vases, but I took picture upon picture.

 So, there it is, a picture that really is worth so much because I have a story to tell behind each and every one.

The end.


  1. LOVE, LOVE the pictures! They are all so beautiful and calming.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for telling the stories. I love the hydrangeas too...that pic looks like they are in the shape of a heart!

  3. Beautiful photos! I had forgotten that your parents' hometown was Winchester! My best friend spent her high school years there and she talks about it all the time. :) I think it was her favorite place that they lived when she was growing up.

  4. Beautiful photos. Your blog is so peaceful and inviting!

  5. I love the pictures, but I love the stories even more!

  6. You have such an eye to tell a story using objects that I would have never given a second glance. Inspiring...

  7. Great pictures! I enjoyed each one and the story behind it! I had read the book "Widow of the South", and have been to Mt. Vernon and Harper's Ferry. I love history, especially American History. Thanks!


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