Monday, January 24, 2011

Counting Them One By One

And my list continues from this past week...

11. a surprise lunch with my daughter.
12. time spent with friends.
13. chicken noodle soup
14. a hug from my oldest son.
15. my husband's leadership.
16. a changing perspective of what interruptions really are... an opportunity for something significant and holy. 
17. a brother singing and playing guitar for his sister.
18. my husband shoveling a way up to the house for me.
19. abandoning myself to what the Lord wants.
20. snow storms that cause school to be closed.
21. "One Thousand Gifts" finally arriving in the mail.
22. in-laws that come for a visit with homemade vegetable soup, corn muffins, and brownies.
23. a husband watching what I want to on t.v. 
24. sleepy-eyed teenage boys.
25. moonlight that brightens the room.
26. popsicles when you are sick.
27. prayers spoken in the middle of the night.
28. an encouraging email.


  1. Christie~
    What a GREAT post...and what a great book.

    I heart of thanksgiving is truly...a place we all need to be.

    Praying you have a BLESSED, THANKFUL week.


  2. What a wonderful list. I would love for numbers 21. and 22. to happen for me today! :)

  3. funny how it is a blessing to read what is a blessing to someone else!

  4. Found you at Ann's and I love that you are grateful for the prayers spoken in the middle of the night. I too am grateful for both the ones I speak and the ones that have been spoken on my behalf!

  5. I'm hoping for a hug from my eldest son, he's coming home for a few days.


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