Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urban Farmhouse...

I am longing for Spring. However, Spring is often slow in coming to Ohio. It isn't uncommon for us to have snow through the month of March and even for Easter. Just yesterday we had temperatures in the upper 70's and today I think it only going to be in the upper 40's. It's cold, dreary and it looks like everything needs to come back to life.  I am really looking forward to warmer days, sunshine, fresh smells, birds singing, and the promise of all things new. 

I typically don't do a lot of seasonal decorating in our home, except for at Christmas time. It's not that I wouldn't love to, it's just that I suppose with the tight budget we are on, there are many other things that take priority over decorations. I do have a handful of items that I pull out with the change of seasons and holidays and there is always seasonal candy on hand. That counts too doesn't it? Perhaps one day, I will be able to do more but for now I am content with what I do have. One thing I love to use more than anything once warmer weather rolls around is fresh flowers. We have a local flower shop that has the most incredible deals on flowers and I am looking forward to filling my home with the beautiful flowers once again. 

Even though I don't purchase many decorations for our home doesn't mean that I don't love going window shopping...

Welcome to the Urban Farmhouse. Don't you just love the name? I found this site earlier this week from A Soft Place To Land. Well, after making a visit to their site, I found out that the are about an 1 1/2 hours from where I live. I think I am feeling a day trip coming on...

I am in love with this wreath... 

These are my favorite kinds of stores. All things vintage, girly, and I really have this thing about white and cream. My children actually make fun of me because my favorite color is cream. With all the choices of beautiful and vibrant color, I choose cream. There is just something cozy and comforting about it for me. Cream is clean and fresh. Some may say boring, but I love it.

I think I am going to go do some more window shopping now and if you visit the site make sure you listen to the music being played because it is just as lovely as all the pictures. And don't be surprised if one day you see me peeking through the window at the Urban Farmhouse.


  1. What a beautiful place...I think it would be the perfect day trip on a sunny spring day! I love these kind of places, I could just spend hours looking at everything even if I didn't buy a thing!

  2. I love the name Urban Farmhouse and the wreath is so gorgeous!
    Have a great day.

  3. Okay...where is the Urban Farmhouse? I am in the Cincy area and I know you are close....please tell.

    just to window shop of course!
    sandy toe

  4. Wish I was close and I'd go too!! The name is outstanding as just says "come on in". Thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw that from Kimba's too, but I LOVE your white vase and flowers. Those were as beautiful!!

  6. I'm in cincy too...where is it?
    Our weather has been crazy hasn't it? I can't wait for spring to come and STAY!
    I am starting to really love the look of white too...with black accents. We are going to be moving soon and I know we'll have all white walls. I partly want to paint it all, but I'm also thinking maybe I could embrace the white and the "clean feeling". We'll see...I'm so used to color.
    And I'm just like you...only decorate for Christmas most of the time!

  7. I'd love to come along to that place,too, but the commute would be a killer......from TEXAS!


  8. That looks like a beautiful store!!

  9. i love that wreath! i so wish i could visit this place...

  10. Sounds like a really neat place to visit. I love the wreath. One of my chores as a little girl was to go to the hen house and collect eggs...took me back!

    I love the fresh look of creamy, white too. So clean! I just need to find better accessories to make our family room a little more "charming". Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  11. I'm longing for spring too, unfortunately our spring is a little longer in getting here. I'm lucky if things are in full bloom before the end of May! I bought myself some bright red (my favorite color) carnations the other day to cheer up my kitchen, I've enjoyed them so much. Happy window shopping!

  12. Ohhh....I want to come with you! Let's day trip together!

    PS-so glad you are back in blog world, missed ya!

  13. I wish I lived close and we could go together. It looks lovely! Would love some of those cute birds and those wreaths.

  14. I am SO checking out Urban Farmhouse! I wonder if they deliver to CA? LOVE-LOVE-LOVE all the bird stuff... I am obsessed with birds.

    Cream is a great color! It's soothing, elegant, and stylistically universal! Very nice choice, I say.

  15. I do love that name, Urban Farmhouse. I was bemoaning the other day that I don't live in the country , and probably won't get to in this life time...but I can make my house an Urban Farmhouse. Love it. :)

    I surfed in from warm cup of coffee.

  16. Candy definitely counts!

    And cream just says cozy and welcoming to me. Kind of like your blog - it's beautiful!

  17. ps. your link in your post to urban farmhouse is broken.. You have an extra http in there:


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