Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Give Away...

Sandy from 4 Reluctant Entertainers is having a give away today....

I am normally not an apron wearing kind of girl but, I think perhaps I could be if I had one of these super cute and stylish aprons. I just visited the site of the Hip Hostess who designs these aprons and I have to say that I love them! So, head over for a visit to Sandy's, leave a comment, and if you haven't read her blog before, spend some time there. It is one of my favorites. It is filled with great recipes, helpful hints and practical ideas. Sandy has a way of bringing out the hostess and entertainer in all of us,  and she oozes with the gift of hospitality. 

So, here is a question for you.... do you wear an apron when you are cooking?


  1. I don't wear an apron when I cook. I just said the other day that I wished I had one after I got spagetti sause all over my shirt! I think I'll go over and try to win one. They are so stylish, I know I'd wear one of those.

  2. No...but it sounds fun. But, the question should be..."do I cook?" smile.
    sandy toe

  3. Who said I cook? lol But no, I don't wear an apron. I like the one in the picture though!

  4. I love Sandy's blog and those aprons are TOO CUTE!

    I love your blog to by the way it always makes me feel right at home.


  5. I am headed over there...I love aprons I wear one whenever I am cooking so that I don't ruin my clothes!

  6. Loved your on my mind post. And I so love aprons. Yes, I wear the really cute cool ones. :) Have you seen the Kitsch and Glam? They're my favorites.

    Can't imagine my home quite. I know it will come too fast. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sad to say, but I don't cook much and when I do, I don't wear an apron. But, that is ONE CUTE apron! I just might be inspired to cook if I looked that cute!


  8. How cute is that pink apron?? I love it!!

    Okay...Jon and Kate. I just don't know what to do. I have a very uneasy feeling about the finale. My sister saw in a tabloid that they had separated. Then the previews make them look very unhappy. And the fact that they were filming a family show while their lives were falling apart makes perfect sense as to why Kate was acting so strange and being overly rude to Jon.

    This is too much for me to handle, I cannot stand the suspense and can hardly contain myself for Monday night. We will definitely be talking Gosselin 1st thing Tuesday morning...Have a great weekend!!


  9. Sometimes I do wear an apron but most of the time I don't :)

  10. I do like to wear aprons from time to time when I'm cooking. I usually wear my grandma's apron! It's pretty old, but I love it. The pink apron is really pretty!

    I can't wait to get started on some of your book suggestions...Spring break is coming up soon! I'm excited to get caught up on some reading.

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  12. A pretty apron makes me feel like a much better cook!

    I have two pretty aprons, one that is part of my kitchen decor, and the other matches my dishes. I enjoy wearing them when guests are due to arrive and I have kitchen duties to complete.

    Thanks for this post... I really enjoyed reading all the comments as well...

    Bless You,

  13. Yes, when I'm wearing clothes I care about! Usually if we are having company over or I'm still in my "cute" clothes, I wear an apron because I have been known to be a messy cook. If I'm in my work-around-the-house clothes I don't care and don't bother.

    I have a cute striped apron with my initials embroidered on it that my hubby got me for our first married Christmas. I also have a fun, spunky one that my sister in law got me. It's fun having choices to pick from depending on my mood.


  15. I'm addicted to aprons! I absolutely love them, and if I'm cooking in my "nice" clothes (as in: I have to go somewhere after dinner) I always wear one. I've collected them at inexpensive places like Ross', and now have aparons to match "outfits". Crazy, I know... but I love them so much, I also wear them when we have company - if I'm going to be in the kitchen.

    Hope I didn't miss the giveaway. :-)

  16. You won!!!!! Yay! I was excited for you when I saw your name. :) Guess you have your very own cute apron to sport at home now! Congratulations!

  17. congrats on your new apron- how cute!!!I love the new trend of "hostess aprons"!!


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