Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something Beautiful...

This is a sign hanging over the pantry in our kitchen...

Do you notice anything wrong?

After a recent remodel of our kitchen (and basically the rest of our house as well... more of that later), I wanted a really neat and fun sign to hang over my new pantry. There is a little town near us known as "The Antique Capitol of the World". I think that's what the sign says as you are entering this town. If you aren't looking you'll probably miss it. Anyway, every once in awhile I like to make a trip there. It's a fun place to go. Especially if you like the rustic, primitive, country look. I personally don't, but every once in a while there are some neat things that I do find. This sign being one of them. And now that I'm thinking about it, this sign probably would fall under the country, rustic look. Anyway, I really wanted a sign to put in this empty space. We were making our way through the store when I found this one. It was pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The red letters were going to look great against my red walls. These red walls are the boldest color of paint I've ever used. I love them! We came home, my husband put brackets (I don't know if that's what they are called... little wall hangy things) and my new sign was up. I then stood back, looked at it and noticed something wasn't quite right.

 Did you notice it? The "p" is missing. We both just kind of laughed and my husband said it added "character". In my opinion I wasn't quite so sure. Good character or bad character? I like things to be right. Would other people walk into my kitchen and notice it and think I don't know how to spell even if I wasn't the one to make it? I know I shouldn't worry about these things but I do. 

As you can see, however, the sign has found a home in my kitchen. It's been a conversation piece on several occasions for sure. I've recently been reading the Nesting Place blog (it's listed under the sites I love to visit) where "the Nester" offers all kinds of really creative ideas for home decorating. Her motto for decorating is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." I like that. It can get pretty exhausting trying to find that "perfect" thing or to just be perfect. That is one of those things that I have to remember as truth and allow it to stick in the deep places of my heart and mind. 

Maybe now I'll be more on the look-out for those items and the people that come into my life that aren't so perfect but make their way into my home because I find them beautiful.

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  1. love the sign- and love your blog! don't worry about the missing "P"! it does give character! life is full of imperfections...i think they make it more beautiful and unique. keep up the great blogging!


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