Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pancake Night...

Our family loves to have breakfast for dinner. It's quick, easy, and it's fun. It's not always possible for us to have a nice, big breakfast as a family, so having it for dinner works. When I heard the inevitable question of, "Mom, what's for dinner ?" My answer was, "It's pancake night!" After hearing this, they all were quick to help in the kitchen. Really, they pretty much took over. First, the boys made a batch of blueberry pancakes...

They are worth the wait Ben... I promise!

Jessica doesn't mind helping either. As long as she gets chocolate chip pancakes.

Almost ready...

We decided we probably should have some whipped cream to go on top.

Don't they look delicious?

Now onto the chocolate chip pancakes.

An official member of the Clean Plate Club!

What are some of your favorite meals you make for dinner?


  1. My family couldn't agree more about breakfast night! Instead of pancakes we make belgian waffles with shaved chocolate and whipped cream on top! Scrambled eggs on the side. Yum, yum!!

    P.S. I hope once my kids get a little bit older than be more help in the kitchen. It looks like you all had a great time together!!

  2. We frequently have pancakes for dinner. It's usually our "after church on Sunday night" meal. Quick, easy, and it's one meal I don't have to think about!

    Oh! and thank you for adding me to your blog list.

  3. Since breakfast at my house is usually very plain, having pancakes are considered a breakfast treat! I would like to share a "favorite" dinner meal of mine; favorite because I can serve it when I get in a pinch for time and everyone still savors this dish. I believe it will be familiar to some because my grandmother made it and mama served it to us growing up.
    Brown 1 med. onion with 4 slices of bacon,cut into pieces.
    After bacon is cooked, add 1 can diced tomatoes.
    While this is simmering, cook
    1 lb. of macaroni noodles.
    When noodles are done add to tomato mixture and stir until mixed. Salt and pepper added according to taste. We top ours with parmesan cheese.
    Real simple! Real good!

  4. I adore breakfast for dinner and am planning challah french toast and bacon tonight as a matter of fact. It is a rainy overcast day and it just seems to call for it.

  5. Christy,

    I just stumbled upon your blog. It looks so sweet and inspiring.

    I hope to be by to visit again soon. Also, if you have time, please stop by my blog and visit.

    Thank you.

    Sunbonnet Cottage

  6. No wonder your family loves pancake night, those are some pretty fancy pancakes! I don't think my kids have ever had the experience of having whipped cream on their pancakes. We're going to have to try that.

  7. I love breakfast for dinner too. Those pancakes look so good!

  8. You have such a precious family!!! I so love meeting fellow blogger's families through photos.

    I'm excited to hear you are a pastor's wife. I am too!!!


  9. This is my families favorite night too! your pancakes looked awesome!

    I have a few recipes for breakfast for dinner on my other blog, the Gourmet Momma. There is a link for it on my sidebar on my domestic bliss blog! :)

  10. I don't know what I love more ... breakfast for dinner or watching my kids *make* dinner. It's a tie. ;-)


  11. We love, love, love breakfast for dinner. Especially with pancakes. We also do a batch of blueberry and chocolate chip. I try to plan my breakfast for dinner night after steak and potatoes night because I use the left over baked potatoes to make home fries in the iron skillet. Certainly NOT a low-cal dinner, but delicious.

  12. Oh my goodness...those look delicious! How have I never thought of doing "Pancake Night"??? Great idea!


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