Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do I Fear?

Yesterday I began Angie Smith's book "What Women Fear".  When I read the introduction, I was really struck by something.

"For the remainder of this book, I want you to encourage you to change your thinking about fear. Instead of it being a black and white, you do or you don't, you succeed or you fail kind of issue, I want to propose that it is more of a balancing act than anything else." ~ Angie Smith

Honestly, my personality is one that always lends itself to all or nothing. Black or white. Succeed or fail. I know that this is an area that God has given me situations, trials, and opportunities to grow and be changed in. I've learned a whole lot about GRACE and how much bigger He is and His grace than my extremes.

When I hear the word FEAR, I automatically go to the extreme of what fear is. Remember what I said I do with extremes?

I wouldn't consider myself a woman who is gripped or controlled by fear. Have there been times when I have been fearful/worried? Absolutely! What I'm considering though is the fact that fear may be showing up in my life more than I've realized. Do I react or say something because really I am afraid? Are there things I am not doing because I am afraid? Are there situations that cause me to tip and get either a little or way off balance because of my pattern of thinking?

I love that Jesus never wants us to stay where we are. There are things that He has so powerfully, lovingly, and radically changed in me because His heart's desire is for me to be transformed into His likeness.

So, I'm choosing to change my thinking on what fear is and the role it plays in my life. I'm asking God to open my eyes to the areas of my life that I haven't put under the header of fear. If there are areas that are now dark and I've kept off limits, I'm asking Him to shine His holy light on them.

It's a life of balance. Knowing how to walk a step at a time, based on who He is and holding tightly to Him.

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