Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Counting Them One By One

This will be a weekend that I long remember. It was filled with more rain and wind than I have ever seen thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, an evening spent with the elders and wives of our new church as the rain poured and poured, knowing that all I can do is TRUST God with the care and protection of my children, and so many moments of enjoying where God has brought us.

And so, my list continues of ALL the gifts He has given me.

240.) Morning rain showers.
241.) Catching up with Steve at the end of the day.
242.) Hebrews 4:12
243.) Early mornings filled with praying and being in His Word.
244.) Lunches prepared by a sweet teenage girl.
245.) Studying that pays off.
246.) Sam's determination.
247.) Believing Jesus is my everything.
248.) The time I have with Ben in the morning taking him to school.
249.) Dinner with the elders of our church and their wives.
250.) Our new kitten, Eliza.

251.) Anna Claire calling me on the phone.
252). Boys that play in the mud.
253.) Walking on the beach and seeing God's power in the crashing of the waves and feeling the strength of the wind.

254.) God's protection over Jessica.
255.) Prayer
256.) Friends surrounding Jessica with love and care.
257.) my iphone camera and instagram.

258.) Open windows that allow the breeze to come in.

259.) Seeing everyday that God has taken care of every single detail in our recent move. 
260.) Remembering and honoring the lives of our sweet nieces,  Allison and Emily.


  1. Your list touches my heart Christy! I love seeing God's power surge and wash clean over our lives more eternal than any earthly storm.

  2. Can't wait to meet Eliza and spend some time walking on that beach! Glad you weathered the storm...we were praying for you al!


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