Monday, August 23, 2010

As Summer Winds Down

Last week was exactly how I was hoping and praying it would be as our summer vacation comes to an end. 

I've been looking back through my journal and reflecting on what these summer months have held for us and there seems to be a constant theme running throughout. God is faithful. I've seen His faithfulness in every single circumstance and trial that came our way. 

There has been such a significant change in me spiritually too. It's really hard for me to put it all into  words right now, but I am confident they will come. I recently caught up with a friend of mine through email and as I shared with her where I was, something I wrote seems to say it all. "It always comes back to the pursuit... my pursuit of Jesus, but mostly, His pursuit of me." My faith and love for the Lord has been renewed like I never thought it could. 

This summer is also going to be marked with the memories of friendship. Whether it was the time I spent with friends or being able to see firsthand that even after 16 years of losing touch with a best friend, the bonds of friendship are strong. 

Last week I actually got to spend the afternoon with a friend I met through blogging. I began following Amber's blog shortly after I began blogging. When she emailed a couple weeks ago and said she was returning to her home state of Ohio and wanted to meet up, I was so excited! Amber is every bit as sweet and beautiful as I knew she would be. I loved hearing about the ministry she and her husband are a part of. Because of their obedience, faith, passion and love, this couple is making a difference in the world. We talked the afternoon away and even found out that we were born in the same hospital. We talked about marriage, family, our struggles, mission trips and ministry. We also gave stories of Gods provision in our lives and our desire to walk closely with Him. I love how two women who otherwise would have never met, had the opportunity to do so because of the blog world. Friendships can be made even through that and I am thankful and blessed. 


  1. Isn't it so special to meet a blogging friend? I've had the pleasure of meeting about a dozen so far and I've never been disappointed. I love the photo of you and Amber with your smiles. That says so much! I also know that when we share the love of the Lord we automatically have a special bond.

    Your summer sounds like it's been a good and growing time for you Christy. I'm so glad I found you and your sister's blogs. You are both great writers and photographers. :)

    Blessings and love,

  2. I'm so glad that things in your spiritual life are going so well. I'm always amazed that when I am connected with my heavenly Father...everything else in my life seems connected!

    What a sweet....sweet...blessing to meet a bloggie friend face to face. Good for you! I'm sure your time together was AMAZING!!

    I'll be praying for you as you settle into your 'new' fall routine.....knowing that God's amazing plan...will unfold in your heart and life.

    Love ya,


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