Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Settling In...

Well, it is the 3rd day of school and let me just say that it has been very quiet here in our home with the boys being gone during the day. Funny how boys can make so much noise no matter what they are doing. I've caught myself noticing the quiet throughout the day and I have to say that there is definitely part of me that misses the noise.

Sam, being the routine oriented kind of guy he is, has been very happy to get back into the school schedule again. I've heard him say how excited he is about this year and to hear Sam say that he is excited about something other than anything military or history related is a pretty big deal. I think it just might be due to the fact that three of his teachers are men and they have the reputation of being "cool and fun".

I think that Ben is still kind of trying to figure things out with it being his first year at the middle school. I have found him going over his schedule and map and wanting to talk everything through about what he needs to do. When should he go to his locker? What books should he bring with him, and what if I am late to class? He also informed me this morning that school is boring. Yes, these first few days are kind of boring with going over classroom rules and practicing fire and tornado drills but I know that fun is just around the corner.

I am trying to get settled into my routine once again here at home as well. It's time to be doing all those "domestic" duties on a regular basis again now that the days of summer are over. Having a day set aside to do my grocery shopping instead of all the quick runs I've made here and there throughout the summer. Getting the laundry started in the morning instead of at 9:00 at night. I can also get into cleaning the house on a weekly basis again instead of doing it before we are expecting company. I am spilling all my secrets now aren't I?

I've really struggled this summer with having time alone with God. There are times when I just really need peace and quiet and that just didn't happen too much this summer. I'm looking forward to some quiet days where I can just sit and rest awhile in His presence.

"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10


  1. great photos, as usual! Ben cracks me up! (i can just hear him asking all those things) :-) glad you are able to get back into your routines!

  2. ok- so when are you going to do that curtain post??? the world needs to see your fabulous style! :-)


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