Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Night...

I just got the boys tucked in for the night and I am about ready to lay my head upon my pillow as well. Our oldest son could hardly wait to go to bed because for him it means morning will come sooner and he can be off for his first day of school as an 7th grader. The other though is fighting going to bed because it's his first day of middle school and he is feeling somewhat unsure and nervous. The older brother is reassuring him that everything is okay and that 6th graders really don't get stuffed into lockers.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming school year. I'm ready to settle down into a routine again even though for the next couple of months it is going to be busy with Sam running cross country and Ben playing in a fall baseball league. It won't be long before we are sending Jessica off as well and with that I know will come all of us adjusting to her not being here. What I know and believe is that God will again show His faithfulness, provision and care. He is ever so good. Tonight I know that to be true.


  1. I know it's a big day for the boys...for you as well! Whatever will you do until 4pm?

  2. Hope their first day goes well! Selfishly, I'm hoping for some one on one time with you now that you'll be kid-less! Miss you! Happy first day of school to the boys!

  3. Awh..those first day so school feelings. I remember them ALL to well.

    We Still have weeks of summer left (although...the mornings/evenings are so cool it already is beginning to feel like fall)and then...ah..a routine.

    I'll be praying that everything goes well as the boys slide back into their school rourtine, and Jessica finalizes everything for Maui! :-)

  4. Middle school is a difficult transition I'm sure. And a bit of a worry for Mom. I pray the transition goes great and he makes so many new friends!!!!

    It's so great to catch up with you here. Have a super day!!!!


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