Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Love Numbers...

Have you noticed numbers seem to be appearing on everything these days? Who would have thought that a number could make something look so pretty?  Numbers to me represent order and there is something so simplistic about them when all lined up.

Pottery Barn

I especially love the number 5. There is something graceful and whimsical about the way that it looks. 

And the number 3 is just plain fun don't you think?

I recently found the coffee mugs at TJMaxx for $4 a mug. Although I wish I had all nine mugs, I will settle for the two. Somehow I just couldn't justify spending almost $40 on mugs no matter how fun it would be to have them all. 

In this month's edition of Country Living there is a whole page set aside for items with numbers on them...

The possibilities of where to place a number really is endless. Everything from burlap bags and pillows to glasses and plates. Or how about choosing your favorite font and framing them up to hang on your wall. I know that all it would take is some stickers or stamps to make some really great things. I must be careful though, otherwise I will end up with numbers everywhere!


  1. Great ideas Christy! I always enjoy stopping by your blog. I leave here feeling blessed.

  2. YES! i love numbers, too! especially those jars from Pottery Barn, and your mugs are awesome! you should check out the "Letters and Numbers" party being hosted by next Wednesday. i think i may even participate in it. so glad you posted!

  3. I picked up those same mugs at TJMaxx, and then put them back....but now I'm tempted again. =)

  4. I love numbers too! But, my sweet hubby isn't as fond of them in decor, so I have to use much restraint in our home. I do have plans to include a number in a future project though, that he gets the inspiration for. I think the number graphics are so fun though, and you're right, they look good on everything!

  5. Hi Christy! Love those mugs! How's it going with school and quietness? My kids started on Monday:)

  6. P.S. I gave you a blog award! Go to my blog to collect it :-)

  7. Christy! I love numbers too! Five... it's a favorite. When I was a little girl our dog started having her puppies in the backseat of our car. I named one of the puppies Five (it was the fifth born) Five... what a name for a pup! LOL

  8. I picked up those same mugs at TJMaxx, and then put them back..
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