Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Little Things...

Here is a little peak into our family room. Please don't pay attention to the fact that even after a year, we have no curtains. I need to do some Nester window mistreatments desperately, but that task seems very overwhelming to me. Perhaps she could just make a personal visit to my house:) Anyway, fix your eyes on the Christmas tree...

I know what you are thinking. We have no star, angel, or any other decoration on top. The star we had broke last year and at this point the tree is practically touching the ceiling so I don't know if anything would even fit. Maybe a bow would work? Anyway, I'm just keeping it real here...

Yes, Mom and Sarah.... I moved the furniture around again. Wait until Steve gets home:)

Here are just a few of my favorite Christmas items placed throughout the house...

The Nutcracker that makes his appearance every year because according to my son, Sam, decorating would not be complete if he wasn't sitting upon a shelf somewhere. The funny thing is, my sister, Sarah, got this nutcracker for Jessica years ago when the two of them went to go see The Nutcracker.

Although most of our tree is decorated with ornaments that belong to the children, I have a few as well. This is one from when I was a little girl. Red hair and all...

What the season is really all about...

This year I gathered some of our favorite pictures from previous Christmases and put them in an album....

A snowman from my sister, a cup of garland, and don't forget the M&M's...

As far as Christmas cookies go, I always bake the same ones every year. Occasionally I've tried a new cookie, but there is just something special about having the same ones each Christmas. When I've tried new cookies or a new twist on an old familiar favorite, my children just want the original. That's fine with me. I like it that way too. My Christmas cookie list has everything from buckeyes to molasses crinkles and snickerdoodles to Christmas craisin cookies. I've already begun my baking, but I'm thinking there might be just one or two that I would like to try from this book from my mom...

I just added a pretty bow on this little pup...

Have you seen these books? This one has some favorite hymns for the Christmas season along with the history of the song. Love it!

A basket to hold the Christmas cards. The first few just arrived today...

And finally a little display...


  1. Very cute!!! I love the recipe holder or book holder!! Such festive decor...so warm and cozy!!!
    -sandy toes

  2. Love all of it, especially your canisters! My are read, but solid red. I like the variation with the stripes.

  3. Oh Christy~
    I LOVED the little tour! Everything looks so WARM and inviting!!!

    What time shall I arrive for cookies and coffee??

  4. Kim I am coming w/ you! I want cookies and coffee too!
    What a cozy home! I love all your touches! Thank you for the tour. One of these days - I am heading to Ohio for a visit!!!

  5. Hi Christy,
    Your home is so warm and inviting. I have a couple of scotties like that too. Hey, I know all about rearranging, I am the Queen of rearranging according to hubby!!
    Too funny....my kids and hubby only want my famous cutout iced cookies...if I try something different, they just want the same old, same old but I guess that's okay because I only bake one kind now so it saves me a lot of time.
    I live in Ohio too....where abouts are you in Ohio?


    I love your red, I have just recently changed my decor from beachy shabby chic back to my love of warm color.

  6. Christy,

    You have a beautiful family and I love the snow coming down. I love those hymn books and the stories behind the songs.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to meet a new friend.


  7. I love your tree, and I totally agree with the cookie thing. I always want to try new things, but for the most part we end up just wanting the same old favorites. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I would love to bake some cookies today. Yum!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  8. Aw, Christy~ It is all so lovely and warm and inviting! I loved seeing your childhood ornie. That is so special. I have some of those, too, from way back when!
    You have done a magnificent job setting up for the season.
    Happy cookie baking!
    Merry December hun~ Les

  9. YEa for letting us see in your home. I love to be able to have a wide view shot because it allows us to be able to picture you right there in your nest when I read your posts.

  10. Oh - I forgot to post that I bought the same advent calendar "box." I DO want to know what you have hidden. I need ideas even if our day to day traditions are going to have to be much more flexible this year being gone the first half of the month. :)

  11. Everything is so cute! I love the little touches of the plaid ribbon and your Christmas card basket. I do my Sunday Songs out of those books. I love them!

  12. It is darling! I love the tree and it's in a perfect spot. I agree it's so tall you really don't need a topper.
    thanks for sharing! Now I can imagine where you live.

  13. Kim and Kristen, I'm coming too! Christy thanks for these pictures, it's fun to see your home.... Just so beautiful and inviting. When time allows, I'd love your snickerdoodle recipe!

  14. Everything looks so warm and inviting...I love the ornament from your childhood, raggedy ann was one of my favorites! :) The plaid ribbon is the perfect touch on the dog! I am going to invite you to all my parties since you will RSVP and bring me those great coasters!

  15. AGAIN???? I'm not going to know where I am when I get there for Christmas!

    It looks beautiful--are any of the presents under the tree for me?

  16. First, I'm lovin' the new webpage design!
    Second, your house certainly has the Christmas spirit! It all looks so nice. And don't worry, our tree is naked on top, too...
    Ooh, and if you're making buckeyes, save one for me, please?

  17. Your home looks lovely and festive! And your tree looks great. Love all of your cute decor. Cookie time sounds fun. I'll bring the Starbucks. :)

  18. I love your tree and think your home looks very warm and inviting... a comfortable place t come home to.

  19. We have a tree that also does not have any ornaments on it - maybe next year. I love the photo album, my kids would love to look at these.


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