Monday, December 01, 2008


Sarah Mae from Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is hosting Motivate Me Mondays. When I was perusing my way through blogs last week I came across her 5:16 AM club that she has started. I began reading some of the posts written by other women who are a part of this. I was encouraged, motivated, and inspired. Actually, I think it was the kick in my rear that I was needing. One of the biggest struggles I have is spending time with the Lord FIRST thing in the morning.

As much as I want to spend time with the Lord first thing in the morning, I don't always make it happen. I allow my day to go on and pretty much fit Him in when I think that I have some moments to spare. I know this is wrong, and believe me, God has really, really been dealing with me about this for some time. There are some spiritual disciplines in my life that I need to be a lot more intentional about. Starting my day being in His presence being one of them.

Having this time with Jesus this last week has been nothing but a huge blessing for me. I only got up one morning at 5:00 AM because here at our house we were on Thanksgiving break. Since my kids slept in a little longer than usual, I was still able to have quiet time while everyone else was still sound asleep. There was something very special about it being just Jesus and me in the quiet of the morning. I wasn't thinking about the activities of the day, what I needed to be doing, and more than anything I wasn't distracted. This was time that I had purposed to set aside with the Lord.

I've been reading Beth Moore's John - 90 Days With The Beloved Disciple. One morning I was reading John 13:21-30. This portion of Scripture is about when Jesus was at the Passover meal, and in particular the part of Scripture that says, "One of His disciples, the one Jesus loved, was reclining close beside Jesus." (John 13:23) I learned that John's reclining on Jesus was completely against protocol. It wasn't in the proverbial Passover book of rules. There were probably some gathered there that day who were pretty uncomfortable with John's actions. John wasn't reclining (leaning) in close to Jesus so that he could be heard. Jesus could hear him loud and clear. John was leaning on Jesus simply because He wanted to.

This last week I have been leaning on Jesus. I've been a lot more aware of when I need to lean in a little bit closer, or I need to stay a little while longer. I know that I can lean into Him and say a lot or say nothing at all. I know that I can lean into Jesus because He is that approachable. I want to be close to Him and experience the deep love and affection that comes from the Lord I love. And just like John, I want to lean into Him simply because I want to.


  1. Great post..I love to start my day with Bible reading but it doesn't happen like it seems to be at night..I love Beth Moore studies!
    -sandy toes

  2. So true! It is such a challenge to get up early and get alone with Jesus - but it is so very worth it!

    I ask Him each night to wake me up when the alarm goes off, and to call me to come away with Him. And He does. It seems like every day I have to process the truth that He is worth skipping a "snooze" alarm for. When I think of Him waiting to spend time alone with me, it makes it easier to get up and to get going!

    And, my entire family is always the richer for my time spent alone at the feet of Jesus 1st thing each morning. We all notice when I miss it! :-)

  3. What a beautiful post. I, too, want to lean into Jesus just to be close to Him and enjoy His shelter. There is a song about this very thing by a woman who has a voice that must be angelic! I can't think of it off the top of my head, so I'll have to find it!


  4. I fail miserably at this as well :( I usually have the best intentions and then the distractions of life set in, the day passes and I haven't spent barely a fleeing moment with my Lord. Such an encouragement you are to all of us busy woman. I used to get up a 5:00 in the morning and walk 5 miles..can you believe that? yeah, back in my skinny days :) (giggle)

  5. This is a really great reminder. Thank you for sharing. I am with Sandy Toes I often get the quiet time at night when everyone else is in bed. (it may just be the difference between a night owl and an early bird.) ;)

  6. Christy~
    What a great post. I too...for some time have been feeling the "pull" (if you will) to "come away" with him.

    God's doing something in my heart...and I'm sensing an spend time alone...with him.

    I wasn't aware of the 5am club...but I too..have drawn a line in the sand...and I'm getting up at 5am to spend time alone with him....before I begin my "day" at 6:00.

    I'm truly enjoying this time....and I know God has something amazing....waiting for me each morning.


  7. I agree. The mornings when I am up and spending time in the Word early are the best whole day is better and more "aligned" somehow.

  8. Thank you so much for the reminder. I love the picture of John leaning on the Lord. Welcome to the 5am club! =]

  9. This is my first week in the 5 AM Club too. I used to meet with Him early every morning and had gotten lazy for several weeks. There is such an amazing difference in my attitude and day when I start the day with Him! Thanks for your beautiful post!

  10. This is a grea post. It's so strange that it remains difficult to get out of bed early each morning (for me, just before 5)... because I NEVER regret it after I've spent time with the Lord. But, each morning I feel so tempted to stay underneath the warm covers and get the extra sleep. I love the idea of the 5am club and am so happy so many are joining.... as a great way to be reminded that sisters across the country are rising to meet with our Father ~ and holding one another accountable through encouragement and prayer. Have a great night Friend and enjoy your morning time with Jesus tomorrow!

  11. Wonderfuly put! I quite often forget to just be thankful to be here and up each morning!
    Thank you for your great post today!
    Merry December, Leslie

  12. Thanks Christy! I've never really thought of that passage in that way, but what a great reminder it is for us to lean on him! I've heard a lot of good things about Beth Moore studies, I might have to check them out. Jessica :)

  13. Christy-I just wanted to jump back over here to your blog to tell you how wonderful I think it is that your church is doing a service like that! I pray that it will provide much healing and comfort for those who attend and that you all will be blessed by it as well! What great sensitivity you all are showing to the needs of God's people in your community!


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