Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An Award and 6 Things About Me...

Thank you to Carrie from Buzzings of A Queen Bee for passing this award onto me. 

Now, I am going to pass it onto some of my favorite blogs. Make sure you go visit these blogs because I promise you will find lots of inspiration, encouragement, and great decorating ideas.

Kathryn from Pure Wells
Genny from My Cup 2 Yours

So, here are the rules for passing this award on...

1.) The winner(s) can put the logo on their blog.
2.) Link to the person you received the award from.
3.) nominate other blogs (up to seven) to pass the award along to.
4.) Put the links of those blogs on yours.
5.) Leave a message on the blogs of people you've mentioned.

Please know I won't be offended if you choose not to pass this on! This is just for fun and to recognize those GREAT bloggers out there! I have really enjoyed getting to know each of you.

I'm also joining with Carrie in her first tag about sharing 6 things about yourself. So.... here are 6 things about me that you may not know...

1.) One of my favorite cold weather snacks is Hot Chocolate & Peanut Butter bread.
2.) I am TERRIFIED of tornados. It's from watching The Wizard of Oz too many times, even though it is my all-time favorite movie.

3.) I have run a half-marathon.

4.) I've never been on an airplane. I have been on a little two-seater plane with a friend of ours and let's just say it wasn't a pleasant experience. 

5.) My dream vacation would be to go to Italy.

6.) I wish I could sing. When I say sing, I mean like really sing. I am completely tone deaf according to my husband. He is an incredible singer and has very patiently tried to teach me to sing. He will say, "Sing this note, can't you hear it?" Yes, I can hear it, I just can't make it sound like that. Oh well. 

Now, if you want to join me in this tag, just list 6 things about yourself on a post and make sure to let me know!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Thank you, dear Christy, for the fun award (I am one of those NOT great at passing on, but I thank you!) I too have run a 1/2 marathon, actually quite a few times. Would love to go to Italy too!
    Fun getting to know you. Happy September!

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  3. Obviously my speed reading course failed me as I posted my 6 things in the comments... You can delete them, Christy...otherwise I will feel really, really silly :)

  4. Christy~
    You are SO sweet. Thanks so much for blessing me with this award.

  5. I love this "Six Things" stuff! It's so fun to read! Now, I have to say, I am crossing my fingers that that peanut butter bread recipe will show up on your blog sometime...and I am very impressed that you ran a half marathon! I did a 5K ONCE and I thought I was God's gift to running for weeks! :)
    P.S. I just noticed that you listed "Sacred Marriage" on your list of favorite books..my husband and I are going through it right now with another couple...good read!

  6. What a wonderful surprise! My first (and only!) award. :-)

    Thank you so much, Christy. (And thanks for posting the instructions along with it!)

    Oh, how I wish I could sing (well), too! I had to laugh when you told your husband that you could hear how it was supposed to sound, but you couldn't make it sound that way! I totally identify. Maybe we'll have beautiful voices in heaven ... :-)

  7. Let's go to Italy together and leave our husbands at home! Can't wait for the cold weather and the peanut butter bread! YUM!
    I laughed out loud about you singing!

  8. Christy,
    Thank you so much! How sweet of you. I appreciate you thinking of me,

  9. I came across your blog after visiting your sister's blog. I had to laugh about your singing - I am right there with you sister! I always tell my husband that I make a joyful noise to the Lord! The operative word is noise!

    God Bless You!

  10. Hi Christy, I came over from Kelli's Awesome God, Extraordinary Girl blog. She had won the award and listed your blog as the place to view the rules. (She also passed the award along to me -- my first ever blog award!) You have a beautiful blog. Awesome pictures!


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