Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Journey Begins...

This past week my husband and I had the opportunity to go away for a pastor's conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin. This is the longest amount of time we've ever been away from our children. How thankful and blessed we are to have grandparents that are close by that can come and stay with our children. While we were gone, the kids got to go fishing-almost everyday with Grandma and Grandpa, go to football games, and just be with their grandparents in the events of everyday life. Special memories were made this week in the hearts of our children.

Steve and I had an amazing week as well. I can't even truly begin to put into words the impact that was made on us at this conference. So many issues as individuals and as a couple were brought to light. God had already begun preparing our hearts with little glimpses of where He was taking us weeks prior to us attending this conference. I am so thankful that God knows where to meet us and how to patiently love us knowing that there is so much more He has in store.

God is showing me what following Him is really all about. I often struggle because I love God with all of my heart but so often I feel like my relationship is flat and distant with Him. I am learning that it is not about doing for God, but being with God. I can easily start checking off my spiritual to-do list. Read my Bible... check. Do my Bible study... check. Pray... check. Serve... check. And in the meantime, my eyes are often taken off of Jesus. I want to sit at His feet. I want to embrace His love for me, and be showered with the glory of His grace. I want to give all of me to Him.

God really is taking me to a new place with Him. A deeper place. It's not about my "morning devotions" anymore. It's about experiencing, knowing, and being in God's presence throughout the day. Being in a place where I am hearing His voice because I am quiet. Being in a place where I am allowing the Holy Spirit to move and touch the deep places of who I am.

For a pretty significant amount of time, I've been feeling like I've been in this dry season. I've been encouraged to press on and keep my eyes on Him. I've been reminded that God hasn't left me. I know that these things are true. I know now that it really hasn't been a dry season at all. What I have been going through is really God calling me to go further. To go deeper. To go deeper requires more of me than what I've been giving. Spiritual disciplines in my life are going to be different than they were before. I am going to be different than I was. All because of Jesus.

Steve and I made some wonderful friends this week too. There are five conferences within this two year program that are husbands are all a part of. The first one was back in the Spring, so all the men already knew each other. This was the first time the wives have met though. I have to say that I've never hit it off with a group of women the way I did with these women. We all shared an immediate connection and friendship. For that I am thankful.

We laughed liked crazy and had so much fun.

This really will be a week that I never forget. I will remember sitting by the lake and being quiet before the Lord. I will remember the conversations between new friends. Talking about ministry, struggles, children, and life. I will remember Steve and I sharing our hearts with one another and being able to end the day praying together. I will also remember that Jesus will love me gently and patiently as He draws me closer.

So, my journey begins. Deeper and further than ever before.


  1. and I am not supposed to covet you for any of the amazing things that happened to you this week?? :)

  2. Christy~
    My heart is brusting with JOY, as I read your post. I prayed all week that God would meet you...right where you were at, and he DID. You see, he works like that, and he LOVES like that.

    The price we pay to go deeper in HIM, is SO worth it all!

    I'll continue to pray that this new "desire" in your heart...continues to burn!!!

    Blessings my friend.


  3. That was the most beautiful description of the week. It was like you were writing my story, exactly. I had such a blast with you guys! I can't wait to see God continue to work through you and Steve. I am sure that I will read all about it on your blog.
    By the way, we bought some apple butter while we were in Wisconsin. I didn't know that I could just ask you for some, Miss Susie Homemaker. Impressive!! I'm just sayin!


  4. Oh, Christy, I love this post! May He richly bless your faithfulness, and may your journey joyfully continue!

    I remember about two years ago when the "Martha" in me met the "Mary" in me, and I learned to "be" rather than "do". What a treasure it was,learning to sit at His feet, just basking in His presence ... all throughout the day!

  5. I'm so excited for you Christy! You put into words so beautifully what you shared with me this past week. Thank you for the encouragement you have already given me! I'm so glad you and Steve had the chance to get away and be renewed!

  6. Oh, it sounds like you had a truly amazing week, Christy! My heart just feels so warm reading your thoughts!

  7. It is so great to have an experience like that and meet like minded people!
    What a blessing!
    -Sandy Toe

  8. Christy,
    I know all too well those dry seasons! Ventured through one this summer.

    Praising Him for the many blessings you received from God this week!!!

  9. May God bless you on your spiritual high places, and keep you close to him on the mountain.

    I enjoyed reading this post!


  10. I'm so glad you & your husband had an opportunity to be refreshed & recharged! That was also wonderful to hear how your children had such a great time with their grandparents :)


  11. Hi Christy, I wondered where you were LOL. So glad you got to get away. Times like that are essential to our marriages. Thanks for sharing about it, it's encouraging!

  12. I am in the Breaking Free bible study right now, and I have done it before and thought it would seem like old stuff, but it is fresh and new to me, and bringing out some of these very things you are talking about. I have been in a similar place, and it is becoming clear as to why. I have not been focusing on the Lord in just the small daily things, and He needs to be a part of that as well. Sounds like a wonderful and blessed weekend. Jackie


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