Thursday, June 10, 2010

White Bean and Roasted Chicken Salad

My sister shared this recipe with me weeks ago and I finally made it last night. I have this infamous stack of recipes that I want to try and this is one that was in it.

For the recipe go here. I think a great addition to the salad would be shredded parmesan cheese because doesn't cheese always make things even better?  

It is delicious and one that I am sure I will making a lot during the summer months. It's just perfect for a light dinner with some focaccia and fruit or for a cool and refreshing lunch. In fact, I am packing some up to take with us to eat at the pool . It's the perfect day ...  sunny and 80 degrees. I have my book, sunscreen, and lemon water. Now, this is what I call summer vacation!!!

Have a wonderful, summer day wherever you are!!!


  1. How inviting that chicken salad looks. And I love that it's not too high in calories. I printed the recipe to try it out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Do you have a great fun book recommendation? We leave for Africa on Tuesday and I really need an easy reading, fun book to take along, but don't really have the time to pick one out! Let me know if you have a suggestion! I know you read a lot. :)


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