Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Summer... It's Finally Here

There has been no need for our two sons to count down the final days of school these last two weeks because they have a mom who has been more than happy to do it for them. I long for the days of summer just as much as they do.

It's finally here. The last day of school which officially marks the beginning of summer. In several hours, they will be running through the door, backpacks in hand of all the things that have been kept in their lockers all year long. Worn out binders, tattered and torn folders, pencils that are about an inch in length, and piles of papers for me to go through and decide which ones will be saved in their memory boxes.

The routine that has filled our days for the last nine months is going to be replaced with spontaneity and a whole lot of relaxing.

Summertime... where living is easy.

Where days are longer and filled with being with those I love the most.

I so welcome the days of summer. Later nights which lend themselves to lazy mornings. There will be days spent by the pool with a good book in hand while I watch and listen to the boys having the time of their lives.

We will have cook-outs, ice-cream rides (my family called them this growing up... we go get ice cream and take rides in the country), and movies at the drive-in. This summer will be filled with a youth trip, baseball games, having family here over the 4th of July, and a much anticipated vacation to Virginia.

It's a new season and one that I am embracing with a very thankful heart.


  1. Living in a beach town, we treasure the summer too. It seems like many of our best memories are from the summer.

  2. Lovely! Yes, summer has officially started here at The Blessed Nest, too! :) I'm thankful for this special time to spend with my girls, it sure won't last forever! Enjoy your day today with your kiddos! :)

  3. Oh..I'm SO excited for summer too!! We too, as a family enjoy many of the same things as you!

    Enjoy EVERY minute....

    Love ya friend.

  4. Summertime!!! What's not to love? Especially the lazy mornings... :)

  5. Please, oh please say that it means a trip to VA too! ;)

  6. Lemonade, Lightening Bugs and Lazy Afternoons! All to be relished! Enjoy!

  7. I'm so thankful to be out of the hectic routine for a few months! Hope you and your family enjoy every minute of your summer, and that the Lord does amazing things within and through you. Praying for and sending you my love~

  8. well-said! and me, too! :)

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