Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something Fun... A GIVE AWAY!

Today I am off to run some errands. I am regretting that I didn't do it yesterday when it was sunny and warm because today, rain is in the forecast. Loading my car up with groceries in the rain isn't my idea of fun.

What does sound like fun to me is having a GIVE AWAY!!! It's just a little something to say thank you to all of you who come and visit, leave comments, and share in my journey of being a wife, mother, and a woman who is pursuing Jesus.

So, what is the give away?

These cute and fun keychains that are covered with polka dots and paisley...

These keychains are going to be the latest addition to our etsy shop within the next week or so. We will have a variety of colors and patterns so make sure to check us out.

TWO people now have the chance to win one of these keychains!!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite song/CD that you are currently listening to in your car. And if by chance, like me, you often use the car as a place of quiet (the car is one place I love to pray), tell me your favorite vacation spot that you have traveled to by car.

I will leave comments open until Saturday night and announce the winner on Monday morning. In case you are wondering why you have to wait until Monday, it's because I am traveling this weekend to one of my favorite places... my sister's in Nashville!

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!!!


  1. I recieved the Colbie Caillat CD for christmas and have been listening to it ever since!

  2. We usually don't listen to CDs in the car, but I love our local Christian radio station. Singing along always makes me happy!

  3. Adore your blog and first time commenting!Just stumbled upon it and it brought me such joy! lately I have LOVED listening to the soundtrack from the animated movie "Up" ...It is so happy and makes you feel so joyful! Well have a great week. Kindly Karen

  4. Hi friend~ I hope you have a wonderful trip to Nashville... wish it was where we could get together~ but God is moving some things very quickly in our lives and our heads are gratefully spinning. Hope to be able to say more soon!

    Anyway, our car has Toby Mac's new CD "Tonight" in it. That and Need to Breathe. Those were the two that are played most often right now. We also listen to a lot of Christian radio. (Our car isn't a quiet place, for sure!)

    I love your key chains! I'm so excited for you and Sarah about your new business.

    Love to you both, and have a great time together...

  5. First let me tell you that those key chains are SO cute. I have a ribbon keychain like that, that I bought when I FIRST started college and by now the ribbon is worn and almost black, so I am due for a new one! :)

    Right now i'm listening to Eric Church's CD Carolina. He's so great and I love every song on this CD!

    Have a great trip to Nashville, such an awesome city!

  6. Cute key chains. I love them, all my girlfriends used to have these in college and I always wanted one.... still in my upper 20s I love them. :) My favorite place to vacation is Fredericksburg, Texas.. it is only a couple of ours away from where we live so it is a great car trip. I hubs just surprised me over Vday with getaway there, we feel in love with that town! Amazing! I think everyone should go and stay at all the beauitful B&B they have to offer. :)

  7. Right now my favorite song to listen to in the car is called "World Sick" by Broken Social Scene. Great song, good message, amazing tune. Pick me!


  8. Darling, Darling, Darling... that's what those keychains are!

    And gals - I just received the "He Is Risen" banner I purchased from Christy and it's GORGEOUS! You won't be disappointed!

    Let's see... my car is my mobile office. So it is a place of quiet time, it's a place of bible study if you will - listening to either Beth Moore on CD or a commentator on one of the Christian Radio stations. It's a place of worship and praise listening to Christian music on the radio as well as a CD. I have so many CD's the "songs of the week or month" vary. Lately it's been Travs Cottrell.

    As far as "driving" for vacation - Jim and I love to drive to Frankenmuth, Michigan. We do our best to drive country roads in certain areas to take us off the monotony of the interstate. We have found a wonderful soda fountain shop in the middle of no where. We stop for a chocolate shake and some french fries every time! My all time favorite vacation spot however, is a place we fly to... and that's the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It's there where God gave me my mountaintop experience... on a mountain top no less!

  9. My favorite song right now would have to be Ryan Adams, Oh Sweet Carolina. It's amazing. I used to have a keychain similar (except the actual keychain part was those round rings), but it broke. I was so sad. So it would be really fun to have a chance at those cuties!

  10. I'm enjoying a new to me Brooke Fraser album right now...don't have a favorite song yet...favorite driving vacation...definitely the Rockies!

  11. First off, those keychains are so very cute.

    The cd that I am enjoying the most at this time is John Legend's "Get Lifted."

  12. one of my favorite songs to listen to in the car, on a road trip, is 'Soulshine' by the Allman Brothers - it reminds me of college, and all the trips to the river that we used to make.

    speaking of road trips - I'd say either the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia or Blacksburg, VA are my favorite places to visit by car :)


  13. I didn't know your sis lived in Nashville! I could have met her last month :)

    I'm currently listening to Mela Kamin. Have you heard of her? Amazing - love her, too!

    By car .. probably Palm Springs. Love the warmth, palm trees, breeze, sunshine.

    Love ya!

  14. I've followed your blog for a while now, but never commented. I just love seeing your beautiful decorating ideas and photographs, and love reading your journeys with Christ. I listen to K-Love ALL of the time. And when I don't like a song, I pray too! It's my perfect quiet time with God!

  15. Listen to christian radio in the car, not CD's, but I love Casting Crowns!

    Favorite vacation spot by car...hmmm....Holden Beach, NC!!

    Love the keychains!

  16. I love reading all of your comments and I am doing some searching on itunes to see what I am missing!!!

  17. Love the key chains. I mostly listen to christian radio.
    Nancy in NC

  18. I love Mercy Me on CD. My favorite place to vacation that we drive to is either the Outer Banks, NC or Atlantic Beach, NC.

  19. Beautiful key chains! I wish I could listen away to music in the car but I can never hear it with two kids in the back so my most memorable car trip was to Mt. Rushmore several years back. I just can;t remember being that relaxed and would love to have just a slice of relaxation.

  20. Love Fireflight right now. They help me find this strong voice with God lately. My favorite vacation spot that we travel to by car is Charleston, SC

  21. I am listening to a cd I made of my current favorite songs.

  22. I am listening to the new Michael Buble CD in the car :). Love your blog, simple and gorgeous!

  23. Traveling by car to my fave place this summer: Nashville! I would say I'm only going for Carol Fay's biscuits at the Loveless Cafe, but I'm actually going to see my sweet grandbaby :-)


  24. I love your new keychains! They are a cute/trendy way to carry around all of those keys:) Well when my children are with me the radio is off, but my favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach hands down. I love the 24/7 time with my husband and children. It is a beautiful place to make memories that will last a lifetime!

  25. These are the cutest!!

  26. my favorite song changes just about each week...right now it's "I will Rise" by Chris Tomlin...this one comes and goes for me, I'll find a favorite then always go back to this one! My favorite vacation spot is and will probably always be Outer Banks, it's about a 8-9 hour drive from home, but I love it!

  27. love the keychains...I listen to local christian stations, Hillsong-Tear Down the Walls in CD player and some goood old country!!!


  28. Hi, Christy,

    Currently, we are listening to one of our high school graduates play the piano...classical and sacred. It's beautiful.

    Speaking of beautiful~those keychains are just that! ;)

    Have fun with your sister and her family!

  29. Hiya! I met your hubby at Caribou today, and he said you were into photography (I"m a photog)... and on your way to nashville ... which was funny because I went to 'bou today to clear my head because my best friend is moving to Nashville tomorrow and I just left her house and was too emotional... then I get into a theology talk with your hubby which was awesome...

    anyways, my favorite cd right now is Ascend the Hill (titled that as well)... a worship cd you can get off Noisetrade (ask hubby I gave him the title) and its AMAZING... and I'd say my favorite trip ever was a road trip I took to nowhere... no really. I just got in, and drove... ended up going to Virginia beach, PA, and back... it was amazing and awesome and I took a lot of back roads... :)

  30. Christy, those are SO cute! I love them!

    And you're coming to nashville! =) Not that I'll see you, but'll be in my time zone. =) have fun!

    Um....fav song in my car right now....Nichole Nordeman, This Mystery....oh, I just love the whole thing. =)

  31. Let's see...I don't have a CD player in my car so for the few minutes I drive to work I just listen to KLOVE!!! Travel by car? The greatest family trip we took was when the boys were quite young and we drove the California coast from Oregon to San Fransico and then to Lake Tahoe and home. It was an amazing 10 days;)

  32. darling keychains! love your blog, because
    it is so peaceful and uncluttered.

    i am listening to my daughter, sunday lane,
    in the car. also the new testament on cd.

    yes, i do a lot of praying there!

    favorite car trip: to our home in

  33. I usually use the time in the car to talk with the kids or like you, spend some time in conversation with the Lord! I love your blog, and your etsy shop...cute stuff!

  34. I listen to K-Love, I adore that station!
    I pray a lot in my car as well!
    Thanks for the chance to win those darling keychains- Handy to find my keys when they fall in the darkest depths of the diaper bag!
    Whitney R.

  35. Cute, cute blog! My friend Jennifer at Smelling Coffee sent me over.

    I'll be stopping by again...



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