Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Tradition Continues...

The day after Thanksgiving means one thing in our family... going to Fulton Farms to cut down the Christmas tree. 

I think what I look forward to and love the most about this day is that I know how it will be. We will bundle up (even though some years it's been warm enough to not even have a coat), have lunch on the way, listen to Christmas music on the radio and see who can guess the singer first, and once we pull into Fulton Farms, the adventure for the perfect tree begins.

Every year the children take turns picking the tree and this year it was Sam's turn. I knew that we wouldn't leave that farm without making sure that we had scoped out the entire farm to find the tree he was looking for. I honestly think that we covered more ground this year than ever before. 

The last section we went to was where Sam found the tree. Big and tall - just like he was looking for.

Jessica was working so she wasn't able to go with us. I missed having her there because she always has a way of making it an eventful time. I know she didn't miss walking all over the farm though. 

Each year, the children receive Christmas ornaments from us and my parents. This is a tradition that began when my sister and I were little and one that I love carrying on with my children. The ornaments are usually something that signifies something special about that year or one that represents something they love. The timing couldn't have been better because when we arrived home, the package with this year's ornaments had come. 

Sam with his General Chamberlain, his favorite Civil War hero...

Jessica's ornament definitely represents something she loves... cupcakes. A girl after my own heart I tell ya!

Ben (and his hat hair), along with a Navy sailor since Ben has aspirations to be a Navy Seal one day.

My parents have even continued giving my husband and I an ornament each year. The one we received this year is definitely one of my favorites. I'm telling you Mom, you need to go into business (hint, hint!).

Now it's time for to turn on the Christmas music, sip hot chocolate and sit by the lights of the tree. I love this time of year.


  1. I was excited to see Fulton Farms pop up in my blog reader. My husband's family goes there (not sure if it's the same one) every year for their tree. We are spending our first Christmas married and away from family so unfortunately we're going to have to miss the tradition this year.

    Have fun decorating your tree!

  2. Aren't family traditiona some of the most precious things we can hold close to our heart!!!

    And, I couldn't agree with you more...your Mom DOES need to go into business!

    I love your tree friend...AND, you look BEAUTIFUL as always! xo

  3. What a fun day! It sounds like you all had a great time together!! Our family also has the tradition of a new ornament every year...needless to say, our tree is FULL! :) Love that 5 ornament your mom made, so cute!

  4. My mom gives us an ornament every year too. I definitely want to carry on that tradition with our kids! Since my hubby and I got married, we have also picked out an ornament that represents that year in our life. (Jessica's cupcake ornament is SO cute!)

  5. Love your project! I might have to try! You and your sister have inspired me!

    I have been collecting ornaments since I was a child and I love pulling them out each year remembering who I received them from, or when or why!

    I give my nieces and nephews ornaments each year for Christmas. I usually always put them on the top of their gift. One year I wrapped them inside. My nephew almost cried... he thought I had forgotten his ornament. I think that's the gift he looks forward to the most!


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