Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's So Much More Than Just Baking Christmas Cookies...

It's going back to memories of my childhood. I can remember sitting closely by my Mom and Nana as they would endlessly turn page after page of cookbooks deciding on which Christmas cookies were going to be made. Once the planning had taken place, I remember seeing the ingredients piled up in the pantry and cookie tins waiting to be filled. Afternoons coming home from school seeing all the cookies cooling on the racks or as I went to bed, listening to the timer go off as Mom was finishing the last batch. I grew up tasting and knowing that there was a whole lot of love in every single cookie.

I learned that even though you can always have your favorites like Chocolate Crinkles, Snickerdoodles and Buckeyes, it's really important to try out at least a couple new recipes. I also learned to always add a little variety to your cookie list because it just wouldn't be right if you ended up with everything being chocolate.

Baking cookies began within days after Thanksgiving and now I do the same. I pull out the recipes of cookies that have been made year after year. I set aside several days that will be my baking days and as I mix, stir, and drop dough by the spoonfuls onto cookie sheets, I think of Christmases past and what will be in store this year.

I would like to think that Christmas baking means the same thing for my children. I suppose this is just one another area when I am just down right sentimental. I want them to remember the familiar smells and knowing exactly how a cookie is going to taste even though it's been a year since they had it last. I hope they know that every cookie has been made with love. And lots of it.


  1. They are good memories aren't they! Looks like Ben is enjoying the baking season as well.

  2. I have those same memories. There is something comforting in hearing mom in the kitchen after you go to bed isn't there? Even though, I wonder how on earth did my mom do that? I am so tired once I put my kids to be the last thing I want to do is clean a kitchen...LOL!!

    Great memories and I feel the same way about wanting my kids to have the same :)

  3. Well, I ventured out and picked up some fresh, new Crisco, so I'll be making another attempt at the failed molasses cookies manana. :) Wish me luck!

  4. My mom just arrived from Ohio on Tuesday night and we spent all afternoon yesterday and a couple hours today baking some of our favorite Christmas cookies...all of the ones we've made every year as long as I can remember. Russian Teacakes, sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies are my favorite non-chocolate cookies. And buckeyes are an absolute must! Christmas is the only time of year I make them.

    Merry Christmas!


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