Friday, May 29, 2009

Sam, my American hero...

Our son, Sam has been working very hard this last month on a project for the Biography Fair at school. All of the students in the 6th grade participated in this project and yesterday my husband and I were able to go and see the final projects.

The assignment the students were given was to read a biography, make a display board with information about the person, and they could even dress in character. We saw everyone from Tom Cruise to Princess Diana and from Charles Dickens to Muhammad Ali. There was no question or hesitation as to whom Sam would choose. It had to be someone in the military because that is what Sam loves.
After much searching, we found a biography about Scott O'Grady. He is the pilot who was shot down over Bosnia and evaded capture by the Serbians in 1995. Sam is one who, for the most part, really enjoys projects because he thrives on attention to detail. Over and over again we heard him tell us that this has been his favorite project.

One reason this was his favorite is because since Sam was 4 years old, he has had the dream to be a fighter pilot. Sam has this incredible love for his country and a desire to serve. He lives and breathes all things military related and has since he was very young. Knowing that he could dress in character, we quickly got into contact with some very special friends of ours. Our friend, Mike, is Sam's real-life American hero. Mike has served our country as a fighter pilot in the Air Force and even defended our country in the Persian Gulf War. Sam was able to borrow Mike's pilot suit, jacket, and even his boots and let me just say that I don't think I have ever seen Sam look more proud. There is something in the heart of every boy to be a hero, and I know in Sam's mind he was a fighter pilot yesterday.

We had the best time being with Sam yesterday and sharing this time with him. Sam, you make us so very proud and we know that there is a reason, purpose, and plan as to why God has placed these passions in your heart.


  1. Oh must be SO proud!!!

    You truly are BLESSED with an amazing family....

    Love ya girlie!

  2. He looks so handsome and so grown up! We are proud of him too!

  3. All these end of the year stories are making me tear up! That's so sweet! His pride is evident!

  4. I know you are so proud! I'm so impressed that his report was on someone that shared a similar passion!

  5. Sam looks adorable, and I can see why you are so proud of him! :) Have a great weekend Christy!

  6. Wow! Our little boy has grown up. Remember his passion about the Navy Seals? All those sit-ups and push-ups he did every day! We are so very proud of both Sam and Ben - two wonderful, fun-loving, caring, loving and Godly young men!


  7. Christy...
    This is just darling. Sam... what a hero already!

    Thinking of you this weekend friend!

  8. what a great project, board and a great kid!

    my daughter has a "board" project due next week.

    yay, school's almost out! hugs!

  9. Hi there! I had fun catching up on your blog. This was my favorite post! Hit home to me because my hubby is in the Air Force and away for six months right now and my son, too, wants to grow up to be in the Air Force!
    We've got good boys who love the USA! What a neat and special thing!
    Happy summertime to you and your sweet family~ :) Les

  10. What an awesome thing. I look forward to see what the Lord does with Sam's life.


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