Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All It Takes...

Since my children were very young we have read to them and have always kept their bookshelves full. While we may not always spend our money on the latest toy, my children know that Mom will always buy a book.

When they were little part of their bedtime routine was to read a book or two. When Jessica was asked to grab a book and cuddle up in bed it wasn't uncommon for her to come with a stack of them anxiously expecting each and everyone to be read. I can remember the afternoons that were spent as Jessica and I read our way through The American Girl books and the evenings where my husband and I would sit on the floor of the boys bedroom and read to them The Chronicles of Narnia. I hope that they remember those hours they way I do.

I have had more of a struggle getting our boys to read now that they are older. Perhaps once all the book reports were assigned and books not of their choosing had to be read, it was no longer fun. Sam is 12 1/2 years old and wrapping up his last days of his first year of middle school. In his reading class this year, each student was required to keep a reading log. Any kind of book can be read and the students are graded for the amount of time they read each month. Extra credit is even given to those that go above and beyond the required amount of time. As the children have gone through elementary school, they have always had some kind of reading log and up until this year, the reading log has been far from fun and certainly wasn't "encouraging" my boys to read. Last year, our son, Ben filled his reading logs with "Peanuts" and "Calvin and Hobbs" because they were the only books we could get him to read. Thankfully, the teacher agreed that this was okay because he was reading after all. For whatever reason though, the reading bug has gotten a hold of Sam lately...

All it has taken is for Sam to find some books that he has truly enjoyed reading and I also think that once he found some that he liked and actually finished, there was a sense of accomplishment for him. A couple of years ago, I found this book at our local Christian bookstore called Isle of Swords. It has sat on the bookshelf far too long- untouched and unread. Last week Sam pulled it from the shelf thinking that perhaps he should just give it a try.

He really hasn't put it down since.

As I sit here this morning finishing up this post, Sam has just come downstairs telling me that he finished his book last night when he went to bed. Guess what he is sitting on the sofa doing now... reading another book.


  1. Cristy,What a sweet story!He is so cute! Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  2. Great post, Christy! And I just love the pictures of Sam and his book! :-)

  3. That is wonderful! My son does not always enjoy picking up a book to read especially b/c he has a school reading log too!
    sandy toe

  4. What a great post :)! Books are a favorite gift in our home too. We are reading the American Girl Kit Kittredge books with our girls now!

  5. I love books also. I always have. My kids and I read together in the evenings when we are all at home. Right now we've been reading Gentle Ben.
    My daughter loves the LIttle HOuse series.
    My oldest is 12 1/2 and he reads anything to do with sports.
    My 10 year old boy loves the My Side Of the MOuntain Series.
    It is so important for us to encourage our kids to read, especially the boys. They don't seem to enjoy it quite as much as girls. Maybe because they have so much energy and pent-up movement in them!

  6. Love this - some of my fondest memories of my girls is all of us piled up reading books together.

    Now I get to read to my grandkids and they usually come to me with a pile of books - ready to read. It's almost sad when they can read on their own.

  7. Awesome! I've been looking for a new series for my own 12 year old. Have to check that book out! And what a cutie your little guy is reading on the couch--so into it.

    Reading is a blessing that will always make their life richer. You are a good mommy, Christy.


  8. Wonderful! Once he realizes that reading can be super enjoyable, he just keep going - awesome!

    I love the way you write...

  9. Great post. Sometimes it just takes finding the right books. My girls love to read. They are always talking their dad into buying them a new book and our public library has a great selection.
    Seeing you read is also a great motivation,as you know.

  10. I am actually the same way! :) If I take the time to sit down and read a book then I am addicted for months. :) I always have to be reading but if for any reason I don't pick up another one when I'm finished with one then it takes a few months to get back into reading. I really hope my kids love to read too! :)

  11. Glad to know about the book that kept him interested. Our son is the exact same age as Sam, and we may have to find that book for him. (This is our first year without a reading log, and I do believe that Nathan has enjoyed reading for pleasure... sometimes.)

  12. I loved reading about this, and the pictures added a lot as well! I have always desired for my children to be avid readers, and so far my oldest seems to be becoming one. For that, I give thanks!

    I'm going to keep that book in mind for my sons when they get older; I'm sure they would love it!

  13. i love that comment about mum will always buy a book... i hope my son knows that too...
    love your blog


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