Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeding My Soul...

Last month I joined the 5:16 AM club that Sarah Mae is hosting at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee. The purpose of this club is to rise early and spend time with the Lord before the duties, responsibilities and everything else that can so easily take over our days. I have a confession to make though. I haven't been an early riser lately. I'm finding out that I am not the morning person I thought I was. I had a couple weeks of choosing time with Him over pushing the snooze button, but I have found myself these last several weeks pushing the alarm button and going back to sleep. You know the saying, "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"? That's me these days. The thing is, I know how much I benefited from those early mornings with the Lord. It was so quiet. My mind was clear and focused and it truly made a difference throughout my day.

Even though I haven't been having my time with God first thing in the morning, I have spent time with Him during the day. The beginning of the year I wanted to do something new, fresh, and something I haven't done before when it came to reading my Bible. What I found was a Bible that is arranged in chronological order. I've already made my way through most of Genesis and have read through Job. These stories of faith never grow old and God is speaking to my heart through these timeless accounts.

This Thursday I will begin Believing God by Beth Moore with a couple of other women. We are women who are questioning, pursuing, wrestling, worshipping, loving, and choosing to surrender to God. I have shared before that this is a study that completely changed my life. I'm not one to do Bible studies more than once or read books more than once, but I really believe that this is one that you could do over and over again because of the truths and lessons that are given. I know there are new things to learn and opportunities for my faith to be stretched once again. The excitement and anticipation are already building. I know what God did in me before at the time of doing this study, so I have found myself asking Him what could He possibly have in store this time. A little scary, but I am choosing to trust Him on that.

Another spiritual discipline that I am trying to incorporate into my life is Scripture memorization. Another confession... memorization is hard! I've had times of complete frustration and defeat that I can't do this seemingly simple thing. I keep praying that God will make His words stick in my mind and that they will deeply abide me and bear much fruit. What I am learning though is that in my attempt to know (memorize) Scripture, that meditating on the Scripture and saying the words over and over again, is feeding my soul.

Even though I am pursuing and finding God throughout my days, there is something to be said for those early mornings. So, I'm getting my mind and my heart back to what those early mornings brought and hopefully tomorrow I will be an early riser once again.


  1. I can completely identify with the struggle to rise early. I've had seasons of my life when I accomplished this (and loved it!), and seasons (like now) when it's not happening. Like you, I do make time throughout the day to connect with God; but it is different than seizing the early morning time.

    For Scripture memorization, I find much greater success using music than any other way. My kids' Scripture memory CDs are great for this; I turn them on when I need them...and the kids benefit, too. :)

  2. Oh my my my - YES! I have not been able to rise early, I am just too tired with baby. I do hope to get back in the swing of things at some point!

    Scripture memory is hard! Singing helps me the best!

    Oh, and I added the link again!

  3. Christy,
    I love the accountability that I get from being in a womens study.On my own I usually start strong and then wain as the days go by. I love being with other women who have a heart for the Lord and for studying His Word! I think getting back in a group with other women is a GREAT idea!
    You could do the same Beth Moore study for 3 years in a row and never get the same thing, I know that God will teach you something new every lesson.
    I will be praying that we both stay stong!

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  5. Hi Christy,
    I heard a message recently by Beth Moore where she said on those days you wake before your alarm, it's because the Lord positively can't wait to spend time with you. I had certainly never thought it that way. It was more like..."Yes! 10 more minutes until the alarm!" Since hearing that message, I can't tell you how many mornings, I'm waking BEFORE my alarm! Rather than drifting back to sleep, I remember what she said and it has been a tremendous motivator for getting me up and in The Word first thing!

    I'm also doing scripture memorization this year. Saying the verse over and over again doesn't help me nearly as much as writing or typing it over and over (and over.) Not sure if that would help you, but for what it's worth... = )


  6. Oh, I have always wanted to be an early riser. Why can't I? I ask myself that all the time--I know that I would benefit from it and would draw closer to God. Thanks for being real--it is nice to be able to relate to someone about that!

  7. i have been struggling with waking early enough to have my quiet time. i leave so early each morning for work, but i have found that when i get home in the afternoons, before starting dinner, i have time that i can sit aside just for some quiet time with God. i do think though that i'm going to have to unplug the phone if i want to continue...

  8. Good for you, Christy! I have to agree with you about the Believing God study. Sooo good! I love to look through my old Beth Moore study books and see my notes. She is such a wonderful teacher...she leads me to such a place of reflection and intimacy with the Lord. It always amazes me to see the answered prayers when I revisit my old Bible studies.

    Enjoy your time with these special women, and keep up the good work!

  9. Oh Christy how I can relate to the early morning thing! I loved the idea of the 5:16 club...but I knew this would be a discipline I just could not keep. I do love my quiet time w/ Him though. Relish it, am desparate for it.

    I have to admit as well that my second verse for memorization has tripped me up a bit... and it's not that long! But I will persevere! He is with me.

    I will be praying for you as you begin Believing God. That particular study changed my life! I too would love to re-visit it when the Lord leads me to do so! Also, if you haven't done Living Beyond Yourself, The Fruit of the Spirit... to me it's an excellent follow up to Believing God.

    I will be asking for prayer requests each Monday for the next 6 weeks (see my blog) one of my requests will be that God's abundant grace be showered upon you as you find out what He reveals as you begin the Believing God study!
    Love ya!

  10. You are not alone! Sometimes it feels like those early mornings are a struggle . . . but they are SO worth the effort. And once it becomes a habit, you won't even be able to tell the difference in time!

    Way to keep up the great work! You deserve a big pat on the back!

  11. I don't get up at 5:00, but I do try to have my quiet time first thing in the morning. I find it does make a difference in my outlook on life throughout the day.

    I bought the Narrated Bible that is Chronological. My son and I are reading through the New Testament for school. I really like it. It has really given me insight into the life of Jesus to see it in this order. It has been quite a journey.

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying. That's half the battle. May we run the race with perseverance!

  12. I love this post. I am not a morning person. However, I love it when I do get up and start my day. I appreciate your honesty~it encourages me to keep pressing on.

  13. I have never seen the Chronological Bible. I am reading the One Year Bible this year for the first time. I'll have to get the Chron. Bible next year. That sounds really neat.


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