Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Teacher's Pet...

I've been working my way through Beth Moore's new book called John - 90 Days With The Beloved Disciple. I'm only on the 9th day. 81 to go, but who is counting. I say that because I can start a book with great intentions. I LOVE books. I LOVE to read. I read because I want to learn, grow, be challenged, or simply be entertained. God has shown me something in the last two months though. I needed to give up reading a lot of the books I was choosing to read. Not because they were bad choices or anything like that, but because I was to be spending more time reading the greatest book of all time. The Bible.

Over the years, I've become very dependent on my devotional books and bible studies. It's been easy and convenient to use these as my only reading during my time with God. There have been countless books that I've read that have grown me and that God has undoubtedly used to allow me to see Him and know Him more. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't because of some of the studies I've done. I have learned so much and there are a few that have totally changed my life. I've been in a place recently of being too reliant on other sources rather than simply being in His Word.

You see, I have this thing going on with Jesus right now. I'm learning and being challenged to know Him. More. Deeper. He is calling me and I am following. Some days are easier than others. There are days when I all I want to do is run with reckless abandon. Then there are the days that are filled with little steps. Steps of uncertainty. Questioning and wondering where He is taking me. I often drag my feet too because even though I know I want to follow, it's not something I can do all the time in my own strength.

This walk of faith is hard. Nothing gets me more weary, discouraged, and tired than the way life sneaks in sometimes. Busyness, sick children, and sometimes it's just the routine of the same old stuff. Day in and day out. I love the life God has blessed me with, don't get me wrong. I have so much to be thankful for. He has showered His grace and mercy on me and my family in incredible ways. I'm just a woman who loves Jesus with all of her heart but is attempting to balance family, ministry, and everything in between.

Today, once again, God met me where I was. I said earlier that I began this book, while at the same time knowing God had made it clear to me to let a lot of my reading material go to the wayside for now. This one I was to keep. I also told you that I'm only on the 9th day. I've had it for a couple months now. It's not something I read and journal in everyday. I would like to be more consistent in it because every time I read from it, I come away with so much.

The verses I read for today was from Mark 1:35-39. A little background on what is going is that Jesus' followers are searching for Jesus because He has gone off to a place of solitude. When they find Jesus, they seem a little put out with Him because He wasn't where all the people were. "Everyone is looking for you!" they say.

What happens later is that these followers that were basically chasing Jesus down, came to be a few of His disciples. Peter, James, and John. Jesus singled them out, and took them to an intimate place with Him. There were some lessons that needed to be learned. Beth Moore says, "I wonder if Jesus thought... So, you're not the boundaries types are you? Okay, I'll take you behind some ordinary boundaries, but I'll hold you responsible for what you learn while you're there."

These fellows were in for some major lessons. Right away, Jesus pulled them to the front of the class. Jesus knew what was in them and He was determined to find it. Did they think they were being singled out and becoming the favored Teacher's pet. Could it be perhaps, Jesus saw spiritual immaturity and wanted to teach them some great lessons. Invaluable lessons.

I love that even through God's discipline, it is with love. Jesus saw something in these men. There was a purpose and a plan for these few to follow Him. Closely. To leave everything behind.

After reading this, I realized that there is a place deep inside of me that longs to be the Teacher's pet. I need to sit at the very front so that I'm not distracted. I need my eyes and ears to stay focused on Him. I want to be right in the front row so that His eyes can catch mine. To be up close so that He can give me that little bit of encouragement. Maybe a steady push. To hear Him whisper in my ear, "Atta girl, you are on your way!"

The truth is, as God's children, we are the Teacher's pet. There isn't just one that He has singled out. He sees potential in all of us. He wants to pull us up front- to the head of the class. At times it is because we need His discipline, guidance, and direction. Maybe we need to be that close so that we are reminded of His authority. Other times, it's just so that we can be close. It's that simple.

My daughter, Jessica and I are off to see my sister, Sarah in Tennessee tomorrow. I'll be back Monday with much to share!


  1. That is great! You are convicting to me....I have never heard of that book!

    Have fun with your sister!
    -sandy toes

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  3. Have fun in TN!! I STILL miss you and STILL think about you all the time! Perhaps a visit to CT is in your future?!! Love ya!

  4. Great post! I have that devotional and haven't started it yet. You got me excited to start it. I know what you mean about reading other things but the Bible. Sometimes I tell myself that I have to do my Bible Study before I can read anything else.

    Have fun with your sister!! Sounds like fun girl time!

  5. What a lovely post... I know I desire the same.

    I have asked for that particular devotional for Christmas. I have 90 Days with the Savior and dare I say... I haven't completed the book. I just recently pulled it back out and thought that it would be good to start the study as we are nearing Advent & Christmas. I truly believe that God has something to reveal to me through this study that I might have missed had I finished it up last year!

    Have a wonderful time w/ your sis! Safe travel friend. I cannot wait to hear all about your time together!

  6. What a beautiful post... you inspire me to be more disciplined in my daily walk with God. Your daughter is just adorable, safe travels!

  7. First off, the picture with your daughter is so precious. You must be a proud Momma.

    Love this post. It spoke straight to my heart. Two things particularly... The need to have seasons where we focus solely on God's Word ~ times where there isn't much time or energy for much else. And, second ~ that our Father disciplines us, calls us to Him and what He wants our focus to be.... and He does it in love, & we then feel loved.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

  8. What a beautiful daughter you have! You two look more like sisters!

    Great post and insight! While I love doing other Bible studies, there is something about getting into what I call the "raw Word of God" - without anyone else's thoughts but God's and yours, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It's exciting to hear straight from Him. He's the best Teacher, anyway! :-)

    Blessings to you, and a wonderful weekend!

  9. I have never done a Beth Moore study but you are making me want to! Have a wonderful trip to visit your sister! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. That sounds like such a good study. I've been wanting to start a new one. I'll have to go look for that one!

    Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. Have a great trip & safe travels.

  12. hope you are having a great time!!

  13. I want to do that book too. I just did her study of John, The Beloved Disciple. Wow is all I can say.

    Continue to follow God's lead of where He wants your attention and devotion. Much wisdom you have.

    Have fun with your sis & daughter this weekend! Could you all get any prettier????
    Love ya,

  14. I hope that your trip with your sister was good!
    I loved this post.

  15. Feel free to step on my toes any time. I am right there with you!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend...can't wait to hear about it.

  16. What a great reminder. Thank you!

    The picture of you and your daughter is great!
    Have fun in TN! Mom/daughter trips are the best!

  17. YOU have a beautiful teaching gift-
    and the heart of a pastor. What an incredible post.

    How blessed am I that God allowed our paths to cross? And your sister too... she is a beautiful soul. I know that we were all meant to be friends.

    Deep calls unto deep.

    How are you my sweet friend? I hope that for all the pouring out you do for God's precious people that He is pouring back into you one hundred fold. Being a pastors wife is no easy thing. I pray that today
    He gives, restores, and pours into your life the secret desires of your beautiful heart....


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