Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's A.....

Today was a big and important day. I know what many of you must be thinking. Of course it was a big day, it's Election Day. I totally agree with you about that. For a few minutes here, I want to talk about something that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with politics.

This is all about my sister, Sarah and her husband, Mike. Exactly fourteen months ago, Sarah and Mike's twin daughters, Allison and Emily were born and then almost immediately were taken into the arms of Jesus. The fourth day of each month will forever hold special meaning in our hearts until we are able to be with them in Heaven.

I've shared in a previous post that my sister is expecting again. Her journey with this pregnancy has been filled with anticipation, excitement, along with some worry and fear. I have been able to witness first hand though the complete faith and trust my sister has in our Savior. Together, Sarah and Mike have walked a long road as a couple newly married. They have stood strong, dependent, and held on to the promises of who God is. They have an amazing story, one that I know is going to touch and change the lives of so many.

This November 4th will be one that goes down filled with incredible joy and happiness. Today, Sarah and Mike found out at her routine ultrasound that they are having a baby GIRL! Please make a visit to Sarah's blog to hear her story from today and to see how beautiful she is!!!


  1. Christy, that's glorious news! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    PS - Love your blog's fresh "Thanksgiving" look! :-)

  2. Christy!
    I was so thrilled when I read Sarah's news! I am also thrilled you two will be getting to see one another this weekend! I better see some good pics! :)

    I love your Thanksgiving look too! Glad you like mine as well!

    God bless all of you during this wonderful time of anticipation and joy!

  3. We are all so excited for Sarah's baby girl news! Exciting! It would be fun if one of you two one my giveaway. Let's pray "Random.org" rolls your way. :)

  4. How wonderful!! We are so happy for her and for you Auntie!! May you all be blessed with a healthy little girl to love.

  5. What wonderful news!! I'm heading to your sister's blog now.... Have a great day!!!

  6. Yippee for Sarah! That is so exciting! I made sure to go over and congratulate her. :)

    Also, I love "The Giving Tree" too, but haven't bought it yet for my daughter...great tip!

  7. I am so excited for them! And for all of y'all to welcome a new one into such a happy, faithful, and blessed family!


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