Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As January Comes To An End

I welcomed the new year in with the anticipation and excitement that I always do with the start of a new year. Everything in our life these past seven months have somehow had the word "new" attached to them. A new home, new friends,  a new community in which we live, a new church, new schools for the boys, and a new, holy adventure for our daughter attending Hillsong in Australia.

I've never been one for change, but as I look back on these past months, I continue to see over and over again how God prepared me for everything that was to come. 

The days of January have been sweet and so very memorable. Jessica has been in Australia for the last six months, so having her surprise us at Christmas and then being able to stay through the beginning of January truly was the best present I could have been given. It was proven once again that my heart is happiest when all five of us are together, and when I can watch our children laughing, playing, and enjoying one another. 

This month has also been full of unexpected blessings that with human eyes would be marked by their size or value. I am realizing that blessings can't be labeled by those things because what they all are is a true gift from God. Their purpose is to bring overflowing joy to my soul. And while I may be the one receiving the gift, God often calls and uses others to take part and the blessing they receive on the other end is just as great and significant. They are the kind of blessings that completely overwhelm and take your breath away. The blessings that remind me once again that nothing is too difficult for God to handle or beyond His mighty and powerful hand. 

And so as I go through this year, I pray that He continues to fill and satisfy me with only Him and that my heart and eyes stay wide open to receive ALL that He has for me. 

Romans 12:2... My verse for 2012.


  1. What a beautiful post. So thankful you got to see your daughter over Christmas. What an exciting adventure she is on.

  2. U guys look beautiful ... I can't believe how much older ben and sam look!- lisa

  3. Hi Christy! I don't know why I thought you had stopped blogging {perhaps bc I've started/stopped so many times ~ ha!}.... I'm so happy to be catching up on your posts. I hope this finds you doing well. I cannot begin to imagine what a gift it was for you to have all your babies home and under one roof. A young friend of ours {we know through Tim's company} just moved to Australia for a 6 month project.... she will be attending Hillsong! Anyway, I will tell her to keep her eyes open for Jessica. :-) Again, so great to read your posts.... Your writing is inspirational and encouraging and your photography is stunning! {hugs, kim}


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