Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Ben

Today we are celebrating your 13th birthday and celebrating the gift you are to us. While I know that each year you celebrate being another year older, this particular birthday will be marked with great significance.

As you begin your journey through this teenage years, I pray that you enjoy them to the fullest. I want you to remember that while things may change around you, God is always faithful, He loves you, and has your very best interest at heart. 

I pray that you walk closely with the Lord and you learn new things about His character.

I pray that God continues to build up in you the passions, desires and gifts you have. I want you to always remember that He has given you these as a way to glorify and serve Him. I see more and more your desire to worship the Lord in everything you do, Ben. Let that be the way you always live.

I also pray for you that you will continue to boldly share your faith with those around you. You have learned that it isn't always about the words you say, but how you live that draws them to Jesus.

Ben, you are such a gift to me. You know how to make me laugh at just the right time and from you, I learn what it means to truly live in the moment. 

You value friendships, family and fun times. You are a young man that consistently displays integrity and a good heart. 

I love you so very much, Ben and there isn't a day that goes by in which I don't thank God for giving me the gift of you.


  1. Happy Birthday Ben! what a tender, sweet post... brought tears to my eyes!!!

  2. What a handsome young man! We love you Ben--Happy 13th Birthday!

  3. Awh..happy birthday Sam!!! What a special young man you are....and what a special Mamma you have too.

    Enjoy your day as you are celebrated.

  4. What beautiful prayers and blessing to your son. He sounds like a very well-rounded young man, rooting in Jesus.

  5. Happy birthday to your precious son! It warmed my hear to see him with a guitar in his hand. My son has been leading worship in church for the last year. He is 16 now. May Ben continue to worship for the Audience of One!

  6. Happy Birthday Ben!! You are a blessing! :) God has great things in store for your life! Love you!

  7. Happy Birthday Ben! Awesome prayer Christy!

  8. What an awesome post to celebrate your little man. Beautiful!


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