Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finishing Strong

Last night, our oldest son, Sam competed in his final cross country meet as a middle-schooler. This is the second year he has run on the team and it's been a fantastic season. 

Sam is a very driven and determined young man. One of the neatest things we have witnessed this season is how there was something that finally clicked with him to push himself and do his best to achieve the goals he set before him. 

Sam has consistently lowered his time at every meet and last night set a personal best of 13:13 for the 2-mile run. We are so proud of him and celebrating his success!


  1. I love watching young people work hard at things they love. Great job!

  2. I know i've said it before, but my goodness, you child has awesome teeth and smile! :) Thanks for sharing! so cool

  3. We are so proud of him too! You all have done a wonderful job of instilling in him a sense of purpose--so excited to see his passion for pushing himself and his desire to always do his best!

    Once again...kudos to you, as his parents!

    And GREAT JOB SAM! We love you!

  4. That's so great1 Congratulations Sam! Keep running the race set before you!

  5. That is an amazing accomplishment! You must be so crazy proud of him. Great picture of you all. And YOUR photography just continues to amaze me Christy. SO awesome. I'm soon taking a one hour lesson (a Mother's Day gift certificate) and cannot wait to get out of auto mode. I've read the manuals, watched the videos and read bloggers tips.... and am still lost. We may need to pray for my teacher. :)


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