Friday, September 03, 2010

What I Did Today

Made more ruffles...

I did try and take pictures this time but let's just say the lighting was anything but cooperative.
So, here is the tutorial again.


  1. You are so sweet to make that for DID make that for me....right????

  2. Mornin' C....Addie here....I think you just gave me the kick in the pants I need. A while back S. reminded me about the drop cloth curtains...with our new house looking like it might be completed in the not too distant future...well...I have 12 panels to make. I've found it hard to get around to them...I guess 3 littles (and #4 due today...trying not to focus on that) are hindering their completion. But since Bob doesn't let me out of the house much (his concern of me giving birth in Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot etc.) these days, I need to buckle down and get them done. Thanks to you, I'm inspired. Maybe, if I'm on my hands and knees for a prolonged period of time, cutting them all out, I'll go into labor! Added benefit! We'll see........Thanks for sharing....such a beautiful house!

  3. Too cute. I haven't looked at the tutorial yet, but I'm the one who bought the drop cloths from Lowes' with the seam across them. Will have to make pillows!
    IN HIM,


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