Sunday, February 07, 2010

Anna Claire's 1st Birthday

One word can sum up what we did this weekend....


While my niece, Anna Claire's official birthday isn't until later this week, her parents threw a party fit for a very special 1 year old.

There were plenty of smiles...

Plenty of purple cupcakes...

Being with those that mean the most...

The girls of the family (My daughter, Jessica, my Mom, Anna Claire, and my sister, Sarah)

(Jessica, and our two boys, Ben and Sam)

And celebrating what a blessing this little girl is...


  1. What a beautiful little girl. And what a beautiful picture of your family. I'm loving those purple cupcakes, also. fact, I'm drooling over them;)

  2. What a gorgeous family and what a cute little cupcake tree!! Love the yo-yo lollipops!


  3. What a sweet and special celebration for a precious little cutie! Everything looked so charming. You have a beautiful family! = )

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Loving your new hair. Dusty talked with Steve on Saturday and said that you were there. Glad that you were able to go and celebrate with your sister.

  5. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful litte girl!

    I'm sure you had a BLAST celebrating the gift of her precious little life!

  6. Oh Christy, she's adorable. Obviously taking after the other girls in the family. It's so fun to celebrate birthdays like this with family. TOO CUTE!

  7. Love your cute hair cut!!! :-)

    I'm just sick that my mix-up kept me from being a part of the celebration! So glad everyone had a great time, and so thankful for the life of little Anna Claire!

    Love to you and hope to see you one of these days... maybe your next visit? :-)


  8. Great pics!! What a beautiful family!!


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